How to Start A Journal To Help With Anxiety And Stress


Journaling can be very beneficial to help organize your thoughts. My daughter keeps a journal and feels that it is important to write in her journal during private times.  Keeping a journal can be beneficial for teenagers and adults alike, it is a wonderful source for self-expression and a physical item that can be looked back on in the future. I journaled during my first pregnancy and I still have it to look back on. Here are tips on how to start a journal to help anxiety.

*Thank you Everlast for providing me with a free notebook

Anxiety can be overwhelming and sometimes alter your daily activities. Keeping a personal journal and writing in it during quiet time is a wonderful way to relax your mind and display your thoughts. You have the freedom to be as outgoing as you want. Your journal is a judgement free zone.

If you or your child enjoy reading, drawing or a combination of both, start journaling may be key. Journaling offers a place to write and be creative without worry about spelling, grammar or presentation. Journal can help develop a child’s writing.

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Your journal can be filled with small pictures, drawings, doodles, lists, etc. Many people want to try journaling but are afraid or intimidated and don’t know where to begin.

There is no right or wrong way to start a journal. The first thing you will need is a notebook. Any notebook is good to use however I prefer to use the Everlast Rockbook notebook.

I like using the Everlast Rocket notebook because you can scan the corner of the notebook and save the documents to your desktop or laptop. The notebook is reusable so you never run out of space. You can use the Everlast with pens highlighters and markers that are from the Pilot FrixXon line. Let the ink dry for about 15 seconds so that he can adhere to the paper. When you’re done with that page right or you want to use it again, just wipe it down with a damp cloth. It’s also very thin so it fits in any bag easily.

Why Start A Journal

Before you start journaling it is important to ask yourself what do you want to gain from this experience? Reflecting on how you want to grow from this process will help you take the next steps to writing. Grab a few colorful pens if that is your thing and getting to writing. Don’t over think the process or get caught up in trendy journal writing styles, just release your thoughts.

Here are my suggestions for ways to start journaling and turn your thoughts into personal artwork. First get excited about your new journey. Let’s tap into some ways you can start a journal to help anxiety. You can start with the following topics.

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Tips and How To Start A Journal

  • Thoughts that pass
  • A Wish List
  • Daily to do list
  • Dreams
  • The way you feel daily
  • Goals and aspirations
  • Draw pictures
  • Use stickers
  • Weightloss progress
  • Letters to yourself
  • Prayers and/or meditations

I think the information written in the journal should only be about you, your feelings, and your emotions. Restrain from gossiping so the energy can be as positive as possible. I truly believe that journaling can be a part of self healing for anxiety and depression.

We all know that journaling is often suggested when people are dealing with issues of pain, guilt, depression, etc. But journaling is not just that, it is a healthy way for keeping record of daily activities, diet habits, and more. For me journaling is a fun way to express my creativity. I generally write out poems and other writings, blog post ideas, dreams for my family and more. Keeping a journal can be a wonderful experience.

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