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Great product reviews are how many parents shops. Word-of-mouth marketing is important to parents. Listen closely…If you don’t know by now then let me tell you, when we (parents)   go on play dates and the kids are playing, the parenting is talking and we aren’t talking about just anything. We are talking about what the kids are wearing, what they are eating, what new gadgets we have in the house, or what new car we plan to buy, etc.   Trust me the other parent is listening.

As a company, you want to engage with your buyer and get your product in the hands of someone they trust. I am the mother of two, a vibrant teen girl and an 8-year-old boy. The age gap between the two is eleven years, therefore I am always shopping different ends of the stores.

I am a homeowner with a love for gardening and home decor.  I am constantly finding new things to stay current with my daughter’s many activities and my son’s developing brain.  You will find my honest opinion about the products I have found and want to share with my A Break 4 Mommy readers.

Product Reviews On A Break 4 Mommy

A Break 4 Mommy is a PR friendly website that would love to share your family-friendly products, website, company, deal, or program with all our readers and community of moms. For product reviews please feel free to email Janelle Robinson or complete my contact form 

A Break 4 Mommy is currently accepting new reviews with a minimum value of $100.

In order to properly write a review, we require a full-size, unopened, new, undamaged functioning product.  If your item is handmade, please provide your Etsy, eBay, or company website when requesting a review.

The product that we are reviewing will become the property of A Break 4 Mommy and will not be returned.

TolsToys Folding Mini Chess Set Review

In our reviews, we will include photos of the product in use whenever possible. These photos will be taken by us and will remain the property of A Break 4 Mommy. We may also use promotional images provided by you or found on your website with links to your company whenever possible.

I will share my honest opinion of your product. Please keep in mind that reviews are 100% my own, I try my best to keep this website positive through promoting quality products.  We will not post a negative review without first consulting the company that provided us the product. This is a family-friendly website and I reserve the right to refuse a product review if I determine it is not something I can promote to my readers.

After we published the review, we will email you the link to the review. Reviews generally take two (2) to three (3) weeks to complete upon receipt of the product unless otherwise mutually agreed upon by A Break 4 Mommy and your company.

I will promote your review on  A Break 4 Mommy Twitter and Facebook pages. I can provide you with a #Ad on Instagram based on the terms of our agreement.

Below are sample reviews.

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Enjoy my website and contact me if your event, service, program or product is a match.

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