Deciding to “Always Eat After 7 PM”, How Does It Work?


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If you have been following me for the past year or longer you know that in early 2019 I experienced a relapsed from my health condition of multiple sclerosis. I have always taken my eating habits very seriously, for health reasons and for energy. With MS I suffer from chronic fatigue. When I was given the opportunity to read Joel Marion’s Always Eat After 7 PM: The Revolutionary Rule-Breaking Diet That Lets You Enjoy Huge Dinners, Desserts, and Indulgent Snacks—While Burning Fat Overnight, I thought it was a perfect time to try a new way to eat and share my new journey, my readers.

Why I Chose The Always Eat After 7 PM Diet Book?

Since I am a person that is never hunger when she wakes up, skipping breakfast is something I’ve done. This quote from the book  resonates with me:

“Those who ate breakfast ended up eating about 260 calories more a day, the review found. Those who skipped breakfast were about one pound lighter than those who ate breakfast. These findings led the researchers to conclude that eating breakfast isn’t necessarily a good strategy for losing weight. The science isn’t really there. Breakfast could very well be the least important meal of the day.”

The Always Eat After 7 PM plan consists of: The 14-day Acceleration Phase to kick-start the program and see rapid results, The Main Phase where you’ll learn exactly which foods to eat when in order to achieve your weight-loss goals, The Lifestyle Phase to keep the weight off for good.

Always Eat After 7 PM

The book is simple to follow and the video below does a great job of explaining more.

Does this diet sound interesting to you? It did to me and I’ve been giving it a try. Follow my post and Tweets for the next months to see how I am doing and offer your support.

You can join me on my journey and grab a copy of Always Eat After 7PM.

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