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Kmart and Nickelodeon hosted a special event this past weekend here in Chicago, Beyond the Backpack. If you were not able to make it out if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram  you probably caught a live glimpse of the event. If not, I really hope you go back and watch the recorded clips because it was awesome.

beyond the backpack

*This is a sponsored post,  all opinions are my own

To prepare parent and kids for the upcoming school year, this amazing event highlighted back-to-school readiness programs and resources available through Nick Jr. Beyond the Backpack program. Kmart helped parents get ready with amazing deals and families had a great time to bond. There were activities everywhere, perfect for an active toddler boy. The event was perfect for the little ones so my baby boy was able to fit right in. He played his heart out in tunnels, the balance beams, and he even was able to ride Balance Bike Course on a bike for his first time (with assistance and a helmet of course).

beyond the backpack

Kmart is always there to help make getting ready for school fun and inexpensive. As a mom, I have to make sure that not only are my kids well rested and fed for the busy start, but they need to be stylish as well. So while my husband and son played in the activities my daughter and I stocked up on some back to school items and took to Facebook and Instagram Live to share our in-store. Thanks Kmart for sponsoring our back to school haul.

beyond the backpack

But in case you missed us live, I have a general list of go to items that I get every year. My daughter is a tall girl so she out grows her jeans and pants very quickly. She is very slender so most of her tops still fit nicely. I’ll stock up on long sleeves and sweaters a little later. My son has literally out grown everything, so he is still very easy to shop for. Since we are in Chicago and the cool fall weather likes to creep in rather quickly I love to grab the essentials for back to school. I will never leave Kmart without getting socks. I was able to find both kids the following:

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beyond the backpack

For the teenager (8th grader):

  • A Joe Boxer T-shirt
  • 2 Pairs of colored Joe Boxers Skinny Jeans
  • 6 Pack crew socks
  • Fluffy Pencil Case
  • 8 Pack Tab Dividers
  • Composition Notebook

For the little guy:

  • An adorable long sleeve outfit (pants included)
  • 2 pairs of pants
  • 6 Pack Crew Socks
  • Paw Patrol Gym Shoes

For myself, because mommy has to look nice going to work, I found a very nice long sleeve black blouse.

I was pleased with my purchase and my savings. Being able to dress two kids and get a treat for me for under $140 is amazing. You can find all these deals and so much more online at I’m hoping to find the little guy a Paw Patrol backpack if you haven’t noticed it’s his favorite.

Our son had so much fun, to say the least. However, while he was having fun, I was taking note as to why the event was so important and what it represents. My husband and I are huge educators for our children and believe we are their first teachers and I love what Beyond the Backpack represents.

Kmart and Nickelodeon: Why is Beyond the Backpack Important?

Why is Beyond the Backpack so important? Beyond the Backpack complements Nick Jr.’s curriculum-based pre-school programming by providing parents and caregivers with tips, activities, and resources that focus on five very important areas. Before heading to into the school year with your little one, try these five areas of focus with your child.

beyond the backpack

  1. Family Engagement~ Family Time
    • Spend time with your child. Quality time with your child is a great way to boost their curiosity, vocabulary, and attitude. We spend a lot of family time together, going for walks, BBQ in the backyard, family movie nights, reading together, anything that gets the family in one place and talking.The kids love it and little Carter always has so many questions.
  2. Health & Wellness
    • Small children thrive when they are healthy. Make sure your child is getting enough sleep, a balanced and healthy diet and seeing their doctor as needed. If your child is a picky eater I have a wonderful green smoothie recipe that is sure to please. Also, establish a routine will make things easier when it is time for them to start school.
  3. Literacy Skills
    • Literacy skills are developed during the early stages of life (the first 3 years) It is important to read books to kids, play games, color, paint, just have fun! By allowing your child to explore the outside world with their hands, words, and interaction with you, he/she begin to learn important skills necessary for the start Kindergarten and beyond. Check out my full list of book suggestions for babies and above to get you started on building a library.
  4. Social and Emotional Skills
    • It is important that as your child prepares to start school he/she is able to share with others and knows how to play get along with other kids. Kids learn how to greet and treat each other from watching those around them. Parents can help their child develop good social and emotional skills by practicing good skills themselves. Learning to properly communicate their feelings can help them develop healthy emotional social and emotional skills.
  5.  STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
    • Children are never too young to explore the world around them. You can begin to teach your children about how the world works by helping them count, showing them things in nature, teaching them their body parts, and other everyday things. It doesn’t have to be complicated, their minds just need to be exposed.
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Nick Jr. Beyond the Backpack is there to help you get your little one ready for kindergarten. There are so many resources provide on their website so you keep having fun beyond the event. I hope you take time to explore the online tools.

As always I encouraged you to subscribed to my newsletter so you can be the first to know about cool events like these and so much more. Be sure to check out Kmart for back to school savings and Beyond the Backpack for more details about how to prepare your small child for their first day of school. Remember it is never to early to start learning.

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  1. Looks like you got some great deals nice! My daughter is also growing way too fast! She’s pretty tall for her age which makes finding pants that fit her right a challenge. Even tops are often too short on her so we get a size bigger to make sure they fit for awhile.

    1. Thanks. We found some cool things. She tried on a pair of jeans that just were so short I wanted to scream. It is definitely a challenge because going up sizes only make things wider on her. We tend to find a style and get multiples. It helps that she isn’t that picky yet, she just likes a nice t-shirt and jeans.

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