Best Apps For Kids 2019 To Use Instead of YouTube
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Best Apps For Kids 2019 To Use Instead of YouTube

With everything that has happened over the last few days regarding YouTube, I wanted to share with you a few of the best apps for kids to use instead of YouTube that we’ve been using with our 4-year-old son.

I understand that parents have been extremely concerned after the news outlets reported information about the Momo challenge. This was shocking to many parents that this type of hideous activity could be going on within children’s online access. Although it was later discovered to be a hoax, it is great that parents are taking more efforts to monitor their kids’ activities. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that things like this have popped up within YouTube, Kids YouTube and online in general.

Best Apps For Kids 2019 To Use Instead of YouTube

My son would enjoy watching his kid-friendly content on YouTube kids on his tablet, but what I found was that there were a lot of adult bloggers with kid content, so to speak on their channels. I wasn’t fond of the things that I found him watching so I decided to delete both YouTube and YouTube Kids from his access. If we decide to let him watch YouTube Kids we let him watch it through our FireStick app in the family living room so that everyone can hear and see what he is watching. That has worked out fine for us and can possibly be used as an alternative if you don’t want to take away YouTube Kids completely. Here are some of the best apps for kids 2019 has to offer.

Best Apps For Kid 2019 Preschoolers

With the ups and downs, complaints and content that’s available to children when YouTube Kids. YouTube has been putting forth an effort to remove content that is deemed inappropriate. However please be advised that even with videos are reported it takes a while for it to come down. Over the last couple of weeks YouTube has disable comments on any video that has a child. YouTube kids has been gone from our home for over a year and while the company gets the content together we’ve chosen to use different apps to occupy our child.

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FreeTime Unlimited

Our son has a kids edition Kindle fire tablet. I subscribe to the free time unlimited which is a subscription that gives kids access to care friendly content books, radio stations audiobooks games and for us is just an all-around Great subscription for his age.

As the parent, you can go in under the settings and set the appropriate age level for your child. It has content perfect for ages 3 to 12 years old. As I’ve mentioned our son is four years old. You can limit access to the Internet and customize your child’s videos and apps.

We have been using ABC for a couple of years now. It is an excellent way to help kids get ready for preschool. My son is excited to learn when he uses it and I don’t have to worry about him accessing content that is not appropriate.

ABCmouse has an offer for a free month trial. The is for ages two through eight.

Hooked On Phonics

Best Apps For Kids 2019 To Use Instead of YouTube

We really enjoy Hooked on Phonics. I understand the value of reading, my daughter used hooked on phonics over 10 years ago to help her with reading.

Don’t underestimate the need for hooked on phonics. Hooked on Phonics is not just for people who are struggling to read. Hooked On Phonics app is fun, engaging and intriguing.

Hooked on phonics is great because you can access it from any device your cell phone, tablet, laptop or computer, you just need to open the app and go.

Best Apps For Kids 2019 To Use Instead of YouTube

You can add up to three children on the app and watch their progress individually. The kids will receive trophies and awards for different achievements throughout the program. Hooked on phonics has a monthly subscription as well as an annual and a lifetime subscription. We do have the lifetime experience subscription which is great because I can monitor my son throughout his progress of learning to read. While the app is geared towards getting kindergartners, I see it being a great tool for homeschoolers to use during your lesson plans and for anyone whose child is headed to preschool.

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PBS Kids Video App

Best Apps For Kids 2019 To Use Instead of YouTube

PBS Kids has been one of my favorite educational tools since my now teen daughter was younger. PBS Kids video app provides kids and parents with free videos including full episodes and clips of a lot of the top PBS kid series, including Daniel Tigers neighborhood.

The app is child safe with plenty of kid-family viewing experiences for all ages. Your child will have access to PBS Kids anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection. Kids can even watch live TV. I absolutely love it especially for little ones.

Fun For Kids of All Ages - Zoobooks

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