Janelle Robinson

Who Is Janelle Robinson?

Janelle Robinson- I am a Wife, Mommy to Jasmine and Carter, a health educator lover of all things natural. My family is the center of my world.

My focus is to provide them with the happiest environment possible and I want to show other families this is achievable no matter your circumstance. I believe you can have it all but still put your family first.

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I did it and want to help other parents achieve their goals while balancing their family responsibilities. Through my website, I provide parents with resources, advice, budget, and wellness. Parents and families are the largest consumers on the market and I want to provide them with trusted advice.

My passion for writing began when I was 7 years old and my love for creating fiction transformed into a desire to write poetry and share my stories with others as a way to help them.

I began blogging in 2005, through online writing, I found a niche for helping others. For me, blogging has always been about finding ways to communicate better with others and relationship building.

I want to share with you some of the many things I’ve learned from being a mom and from being a professional. It isn’t always easy, trust me we may cry along the way and sometimes kick and scream, but it will be a fun adventure.  I’ve had many challenges, but helping people is what I do!

Meet The Mr.


I met my husband over 18 years ago, he was performing on stage at the time. Yes, he stole my heart the moment I saw him. What most people don’t know is, he is an actor, a very good one.  He still gives me butterflies (can you tell in the interview?)

Over the past several years we’ve learned to budget our household finances to get what we need and want. We’ve learned what parenting and family are about.  He has helped me find balance in taking extra care of myself.

Watch Janelle Interview Her Husband After his Stage-play 

I love being a mom and wife. You will often find my husband in many of our videos. He is my support system and the glue that keeps me together. He is the voice of the family, the comedian, the soft gentle giant, and my best friend.

I Love Being A Mom and Wife


After becoming a mom and breastfeeding my daughter I began to teach myself the benefits of natural products. I not only breastfed, but I also started creating my own skin care and hair products from different natural kinds of butter and oils. I started reading food labels and decided to make my own baby food. The time I spent learning led me to my desire to create natural products for their skin, hair, my own candles. So yes I am a creative mama and you will find my DIY projects throughout the blog.

My children inspire me to be a better person, a better parent, and a better woman.

You will find them on all my social media pages. They are the face of my brand.

Carter in His First Commercial

Jasmine’s Hair Tutorial With Mix Chicks

When I’m not working full-time, I’m cooking a homemade dinner with my hubby, playing with our kiddos or searching the web for some super savings. The goal of this website is to share knowledge, inspire others to pursue their dreams, encourage families to “take a break” from their busy lives”, practice “self-care” and enjoy each other.  I hope you’ll join us as we navigate this adventure called life.

To work with us,  feel free to email me at mrsrobinson@abreak4mommy.com


  1. LaMonte Bell says:

    Great job Sis.

  2. Mrsjrobinson says:

    Thank you, and thank you for showing support!

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