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Laundry is the cause of all messy households. Of course, there are other reasons why your house might be particularly messy too. For example, in our house, the office is always in a bad way. There is so much paperwork strewn all over the floor it is almost impossible to find anything that you need in a hurry. To be honest, it is about time that we invested in some filing cabinets to keep all of our paperwork safe and secure. There is just so much clutter it is hard to know where to begin! In fact, there are quite a few pieces of new office furniture that could make a difference to our home office, so watch this space! For now though, our messy office to one side, it cannot be denied that Washing Laundry The Right Way will help eliminate most of the mess from your house. I say that so matter of factly because it is just true…at least in our home, it’s true. It seems that no matter what we do we are constantly doing laundry. I’m only grateful that when it comes to cleaning workwear, there are workwear cleaning services that are useful. As I wouldn’t want to wash those types of clothes in the same washing machine that my normal clothes are in. That’s one thing that makes laundry a bit easier, but it still doesn’t mean that I will ever not be doing laundry, unfortunately.

I am always working and exhausted most days. I hate leaving the laundry for the weekend so I try my hardest not too, but it happens. I happen to be blessed with the most amazing husband a girl could ask for. Not only does he cook, but he also cleans and does laundry. With these few laundry tricks and tips, you will be managing

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Laundry Tricks and Tips LG Twin Washer

When we moved from our 16th floor 2 bedroom apartment where we had to do laundry in the basement, one of our first major purchases as new homeowners was a new washer and dryer set. With two kids, laundry tends to pile up rapidly. I quickly learned that leaving laundry to Saturday or Sunday was not going to cut for two full-time working parents. So I came up with a few laundry tricks and tips to help make our week a little easier.

Laundry Tricks and Tips

Small Loads: To save us time, throughout the week one I gather the piles that are hanging out in laundry baskets in various rooms of the house and I will start one load of laundry before I leave work in the mornings. In the evenings my husband or I will transfer the load to the dryer.

One of my favorite features of the LG Twin Wash System is the SideKick Pedestal it has a smaller washer where you can do little loads. This works great for when you have just a few items to wash like the dirty school uniforms, a load of cloth diapers, whites, and more. With LG’s Twin Washer you can use both features and get twice the work done, do a bigger load up top on your LG Front load washer.

family sharing laundry tricks and tips in the laundry room with LG twin system

Combine and Conquer: Before the second baby, I would sort all my laundry by delicate, fabric style, colors and more. Now that I don’t have the time, I use the combine and conquer method, well sort of. I combine my work clothes with my delicates, the kids separate (two loads), everything else, and towels, sheets, and linens. Most things are washed on cool with the exception of towels and linens which washes on hot. LG Twin Wash System is energy efficient and will give you the best cleaning performance so many families are choosing LG over other brands. It will conquer any of those stains. Families concerned with the energy consumption of their homes and the cost that it incurs may be interested in using energy provider comparison sites that unveil new plans, like those of Stream Energy, which could prove more competitive than their existing ones.

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baby in laundry basket with Laundry Tricks and Tips to Master Laundry Day |LG Twin Wash System

Older Kids Can Help: My final and most valuable tip, is to teach your children to do laundry and to get them to help often. My daughter is responsible enough to wash and fold her load. Washer and dryers are very simple to use so kids should have no problem learning the rules of laundry. To help our daughter with water temperatures we had her put it on her phone as a note so she would remember. Kids need chores and laundry should be on the to-do list.

Save Time and Money

I hope these laundry tricks and tips help make your week a little easier and you decide to change laundry day to a little throughout the week. In the meantime, consider heading into Best Buy from now-4/25 /18 to receive up to $500 off an LG laundry solution for your home. If you want to reduce your stress, you may find my tips for grocery shopping useful as well. Remember we only live once don’t get piled under the clothes when you could be laying in the sun or building a snowman, besides its just laundry, let the machine get it!

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