Weekend Grocery Shopping For Busy Moms


Weekend grocery shopping is something I hate doing and if you are anything like me you are too busy during the week to grocery shop or even pick up small items you may have missed. The thought of entering a grocery store during the week makes my head pound and my palms sweat. The only reason I go is to get food of course, but also to earn rewards on my AMEX blue cash everyday.

I remember being single and stopping by the grocery store on a Thursday night after class to grab a bottle of sparkling white Zinfandel, a steak, and some random vegetables. The process took me about 10 minutes and then I would hop on the EL and head home to watch an episode of “Soul Food” while my steak broiled in the oven as I peacefully cuddled on the floor in my panties and sipped my glass lady juice. But it’s the fact that because I do this every week, I already know what I expect from the quality of the products and the people that serve me. Customer Expectations is a real aspect of any business. It’s not just us customers being too picky or asking for too much. Plus, who wants to go into any store and have a bad experience, whether that is with the staff or the products?

Updated 1-19-2018

weekend grocery shopping

Well, those days are no more, and honestly, grocery shopping sucks especially for this working mama of two. However, I’ve managed over the past couple of months to navigate a routine that is almost foolproof as long as the timing is on the beat.

So here are a few tips for making shopping on the weekends a breeze.

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Tip #1 Shop Early (Be An Early Bird)

weekend grocery shoppingIf you can get to the store as soon as it opens, just do it. If the store opens at 7:00 a.m., try to get there to get your weekend grocery shopping started and finished before the crowds pour in. The store that is the closest to me opens at 7 a.m. and on my best shopping days, I’ve gotten there no later than 8 a.m. The benefits definitely outweigh the extra imaginary sleep you thought you would get by staying in the bed just a little longer, which actually only resorted to a child waking up throwing your entire routine off. The lines are short. If you place great importance on the value of short lines, you may want to start shopping at places with modern POS systems, like self-service kiosks and customer displays from Revel Systems, so that you won’t be standing in queues for too long when you really just want to continue on your way.

If you have to take your kids with you, you don't have to worry about crowds and people breathing their germs all over your littles. #Weekendgroceryshopping Share on X

The parking lots are almost empty and the cashiers are pleasant. No one has come in yet and stressed them out so a “Good Morning” greeting from you will get their day off to get a good start and everyone remains happy. You get the best meat selections in the deli and good samples (yummy). Let me mention again, the lines are short!!

Tip #2 Smaller Stores Work Best

Personally, the smaller local grocery stores tend to work best for me for weekend grocery shopping instead of huge stores such as Cosco. Larger stores are set with so many distractions, if your main focus is to get in for food, you are probably better served shopping in a store that only carries groceries and not electronics and clothing. I live in a large city, therefore I have a variety of store types to choose from. However, if your choices are limited and you must shop at the larger stores, I definitely suggest staying focused on the groceries because the larger stores will hook you to other items the minute you walk in.

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Tip #3 Bring a List

Here is a free app to download and use. You never have to carry a pencil and paper. Bring a list. I know it sounds basic, but I’m not talking about just any list. Your list should be organized to the best of your ability with like products listed together. For example, when I am making my list I know we need milk so I write milk, butter, eggs, and anything else that we may need that is in the dairy sections. When I am in the store I can grab everything from the list at once and not have to revisit the section more than one time.

Your list should be based on the meal you plan to cook for the week or two. I have found that meal prepping (at least mentally) helps reduce a lot of stress throughout the week and it cuts down the amount of time you spend in the store. If you have in mind the meals you plan to cook you know exactly what you are there to get and it eliminates overspending cash and time.

Tip #4 Clip Coupons of Course

You know I wouldn't be me if I didn't tell you to clip coupons. If you are not aware there are many places to get coupons. #WeekendGroceryShopping Share on X

Here are a few:

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Final Tip

Throughout the week watch for Sale Ads so you can know what store(s) you plan to shop. Nothing is worse than not have a game plan. Weekend grocery shopping always works best and quickest for me when I know what I am going to get and where I am going. Generally, sales change around Wednesday or Thursday so if you know there is a particular store you want to shop watch for the sales ad either in-store or online before you shop to plan your shopping list.

Head over to my Money Center for ways to save shopping online, tips to earn money from home advice to hide away money for special occasions and rainy days. With these tips in mind, I hope that your weekend shopping trips can be a lot smoother and quicker. As always for my tips, deals and blog post don’t forget to subscribe.

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Grocery Shopping For Busy Moms”

  1. Awesome tips. I do all of our grocery shopping so it applies to me as well! Never totally discount any one store either. I stopped shopping at Food Lion because it seemed to always be more expensive on everything. However, I have found specific items that are WAY better deals there (as in, multiple bucks cheaper, not just a few cents).

    1. yep, and I recently learned since writing this that most store price match 🙂 All you have to do is take in the sales Ad. How cool is that??

  2. I have double up on everything….snacks, almond milk, frozen vegetables…that’s how I make it through the week. I have one car at the moment so anything I buy has to last at least 5 days until the weekend when my husband is off. I don’t even want to discuss my grocery bill lol I have a family of 5 that loves to eat.

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