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My life is extremely busy and its seems that since having my son things have not slowed down. From working full-time outside of the home to running my business it seems there is something that always has to be done. I have to be honest my hair can be a hassle most days and unfortunately it is the last thing on my list. The kids keep me so busy in morning I generally just toss my naturally curly hair in a low bun and keep it moving.Not only am I busy, I am just tired. Being tired just comes with the territory of living with MS and having kids. Most days I just don’t have the energy to do my hair and at one point I didn’t have the neck strength to sit at the sink bowl at the salon and now I don’t have time to go and get it done.

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No woman no matter how tired she is wants to sacrifice her sense of style because she is too busy. On the weekends or when I am out with my hubby, I love to play and have fun with my hair. I don’t always like to go to a stylist because they always find a way to freakin ruin my hair every time, so that is when Divatress makes changing my hair so simple.

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Divatress is a leading beauty online store that offers thousands of wigs and hair care products. Their lace front wigs are amazing. I started wearing wigs about eight years ago when I decided to take a break from putting so much heat on my hair. I’ve always been a natural haired girl, but the heat was damaging my hair and wigs offered a wonderfully stylish and safe alternative for when I wanted straight hair. 

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Divatress offers so many gorgeous styles straight lace front wigs to choose from, they make it so easy you have never worn a wig before. You can pick from curly to straight, the prices begin below $30 and up. They have human hair, Remy, synthetic, braids, different color options, long to short, etc. whatever you are looking for you are sure to find. 

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I am impressed with how Divatress makes it so easy to change your look and help busy moms stay looking beautiful no matter how stressful and life may get. Your morning beauty routine can be as easy as 1-2-3 when you find the perfect style. If you have never tried a wig before now is a great time to give your hair a rest and try something new.

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