Dr. Whitening Natural Teeth Whitener System Results


Recently I was sent the Dr. Whitening Natural Teeth Whitener System. I never like giving unfavorable reviews, but I always have to tell you guys my honest opinion and you let you decide from there. It is not a whitening brush. I take very good care of my teeth and go for regular checkups at my local dentist which is similar to Dentist Little Rock, so they are fairly bright already, but I do drink coffee. I was hoping this removed any coffee staining. This brush seems to be more of a cleaning brush than a whitening brush meaning, it just seems to take away residue off your teeth and not change the color of the enamel. For full whitening, you may need to ask how long do crest white strips last and look into those options for the home.

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I have had my teeth whitened both in-home and professionally and this does not have the same effect or even close. When you try something new, most of the time, you try to be hopeful. But unfortunately, with this product, I didn’t get the results I wanted. With the time I spent on this, I wished I had put that towards finding the best dentists in london and getting my teeth professionally whitened this way. It would have saved a lot of time. But if I didn’t give this system a try, I would never have known.

HOW To USe Teeth Whitener System

Directions That Came With the Brush
Just add water and Brush Away Gently and Slowly! See the Whitening sponge absorb the stains by comparing it to a white background. The sponge can be used multiple times, Nano Brush needs to be repositioned. Replacement instructions included.

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How you actually use the brush:

The first brush is assembled for you like in the picture below. As indicated above you do just simply add water and begin brushing. However, the brush will accumulate residue from your teeth so you will need to rinse.

I tried the brush two ways, one I brushed my teeth first and then used the whitening brush, there was no difference. The second test was on teeth not brushed. I clearly saw food being removed, but I can’t say my teeth were any whiter. After the first application, I would definitely suggest changing the sponge. The kit comes with several sponges for you to change. This is the part I was not fond of. You have to unsnap the brush and change the sponge. I think that is gross, which is my opinion.

My Thoughts on Teeth Whitener

Overall I don’t think this is a whitener, a brightener maybe. I did not like having to change sponges.

I was sent this product at a discounted price to review and share my honest opinion.

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