Organic Aromas Diffuser Review | Essential Oils for Sinus Pain & Headaches


During the Fall and Winter, I experienced what felt like the flu back to back for five months straight. I was literally getting sick every month and it was lasting 3 weeks at a time with about a 5-day window of me feeling okay. I felt miserable.

I finally saw my doctor in March and what I thought was the flu or cold was actually a recurring sinus infection. The diagnosis didn’t make my suffering any easier, but at least I had a reason for my crazy headaches, runny nose, coughing, and downright misery.

It was perfect timing the lovely people at Organic Aromas contacted sent me a diffuser to review. Although I was sent the diffuser and oils as a review, the views expressed are my honest opinions. 

Organic Aromas Diffuser Review

For the past month an a half I have been using and loving the diffuser and essential oils. When I first received it I was impressed by how beautiful it is. It is a  handmade aromatherapy diffuser made of specialty glass and high-quality wood.

Organic Aromas Diffusers do not require heat or water, it is electric. I currently keep mine in my bathroom. They come in many shapes and designs and you can have the company customize you one as well. As you can see from my photo once it is running it lights up. The colors change and it is beautiful.

Organic Aromas Diffuser

It is very easy to assemble. You adjust the level to give off the desired amount of fragrance in the air. It is suggested that you should always use the unit on LOW unless you have a specific need or reason to use it higher. You should not use the diffuser directly next to you and it should be turned off once the desired scent level is reached.


My Experience With Organic Aromas Diffuser

As I mentioned I’d been experiencing recurring sinus infection and after talking with my doctor we discovered one of my irritates was coming from burning incense. Often times incense smoke can give off allergens.

One of the benefits I found to using the Organic Aromas Diffuser was trying the essential oils that the company sent me to sample. One of my favorite oils is lavender. Since I was suffering from headaches associated with sinus pressure I decided to use the lavender oil during my showers.

Using lavender oil for headaches is great because of its anti-inflammatory property. It helps dilate blood vessels and regulate serotonin levels, which reduces the pressure.  It also helps decrease stress and anxiety. When used regularly it can also work as a natural antihistamine and help your body fight allergy.

Organic Aromas Diffuser
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Since I have stopped burning the incense and started using the diffuser regularly I have not had any issues with my sinuses. It has been a pleasure to use. The essential oils sold by Organic Aromas are pure, certified organic made with the finest quality plants,  tree barks, flowers, and other natural materials. The diffuser gives off enough fragrance on a low level that it can be smelled throughout my entire house.

If you are interested in learning more or ordering a diffuser or essential oils you can get them online.

Check out my review of their other oils and diffusers.

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