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If you know me personally, you know that I have volunteered my time with my community from many organization to promote awareness regarding domestic violence, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and so much more. My scope of interest never was tailored towards one main focus.  If there was a need to help, I’m there. I’m a person interested in Public Health, contrary to popular belief, most life events fall in that category.

About seven years ago I was able to volunteer with an organization that educated children who suffered with Autism. During my time I worked with children with milder cases on the autism spectrum and stories were shared with me of children’s who cases were so severe the child lived at a the facility 24 hours without their family. With what resources I could I helped raise money to give to that organization and help raise awareness about Autism.

Now I am proud to have partnered with National Autism Resources to continue in efforts to help raise awareness and provide resources for families, schools, and insurance companies.

Here is a little about the company and why I will be sharing their resources with my readers and I hope you will pass the resources on anyone you know.

National Autism Resources Inc. is a global leader in providing cost effective, research based therapeutic tools that meet the needs of people on the autism spectrum across their lifespan since 2008. Our tools and adaptive technologies work together to improve skills and significantly decrease impairment. We provide school districts, insurance companies and family members of the autism community with proven tools that improve the independence and quality of life for people on the autism spectrum. We have been certified and licensed by the State of California as a Durable Medical Equipment provider.

We believe in a research based, mosaic approach to intervention. Our unique line of over 1400 products is pulled from over one hundred different vendors to meet the specific therapeutic needs of the autism community and support evidence based therapies. Many of our products have been designed by professionals with years of experience working in the autism community. All of our products have been tested for safety and effectiveness.

We are solely focused on the needs of the autism community and provide the widest selection of evidence based products available. We offer classroom supports, a line for OTs, PTs, SLPs, and ABA therapists and more. If there is an intervention tool you need we can source it or develop it for you.

How cool is that? If there is a tool you need, they can develop it for you!!  

This makes me excited. Please watch the site for post regarding resources and and tips sponsored by National Autism Resources.  While this is not my field of expertise, I am a very resourceful person and if there is anything I can help you find please do not hesitate to ask.

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