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Summer Reading Program at Chicago Public Library, Get Free Books

When I found out about the summer reading program at our public library last week, I couldn’t wait to share the news with my daughter. We love to read in my family. I read to both my babies while I was pregnant. My daughter started reading when she was 4 years old and continues her love for books now. I am working to pass the love for books on to my son. I think reading to kids early helps them enjoy the idea of reading. I love the fact that she prefers to have a good old fashion book her hand instead of E-book. That being said, E-books are a highly-regarded and popular format of reading material that many people now prefer to use. As a result, many authors may now be thinking about how to publish an ebook of their own, so that more readers will have the opportunity to sink their teeth into their novel. It’s not a bad idea, but as my daughter knows, there is nothing better than holding and flicking through the pages of a physical book.

summer readingEarlier this week I took the kiddos to our local library to sign up for Rahm’s Readers Summer Learning Challenge. The summer reading challenge is giving away 12 books to each child that is registered aged 0-13. It is open to all Chicago residents that are interested. Sign up began on Monday, June 20th and will continue through September 1. However the free books are available while supplies last.

The kids were excited to receive their books. The books were all new or gently used and ranged from topics related to transportation, art projects, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, animals, sports, ways for kids to keep their brains active, and many more. My son received a few sing along books.

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Each book has a sticker that says to read and pass along. The books are courtesy of Bernie’s Books. I did a little research and found that they are an organization that collects books and donates them to at risk kids in the Chicagoland area. This year is the first summer the organization has committed to two years of providing 12 age-appropriate books to every child who registers for Rahm’s Readers Summer Learning Challenge regardless of need. After we are done reading our books I will be donating them back to organization. You can donate books as well.

summer reading


summer reading

The kids are eligible to win even more free books and passes to Brookfield Zoo through weekly raffles by completing challenges.

Kids 5 to 13 Complete the Summer Reading & Learning Challenges

  • READ: Read 20 minutes a day, every day. Read anything you want including books, magazines, eBooks and audiobooks for at least 500 minutes-all reading counts!
  • DISCOVER: Complete a Brain Game or other STEAM activity, attend a library program, visit a museum or explore a website.
  • CREATE: Complete a design challenge, draw, write or build a piece of art.
  • ACHIEVE: Kids who read for 500 minutes, complete one discover activity and one create activity by September 1 will receive a book bag!
  • Keep reading and learning to be entered into a raffle for an eReader.

Kids 0 to 5 Complete Rahm’s Little Readers Challenge

    • TALK: Talk with your child all day long; visit the Museum of Science and Industry or another museum and talk about what you see.
    • SING: Listen to music while your do activities with your child. Try singing I’m a Little Choo Choo Train.
    • READ: Read 20 minutes a day, every day. Read 500 minutes to reach the goal. Books, magazines, eBooks, audiobooks-all reading counts!
    • WRITE: Pretend your finger is an airplane and write letters in the sky, have your child practice writing their name.
    • PLAY: Build a car out of a box, then play Red Light, Green Light.
    • ACHIEVE: Read for 500 minutes and complete any two Talk, Sing, Write or Play activities to earn a book bag!
    • Then keep talking, singing, reading, writing and playing to be entered into a raffle for an eReader.
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    Parents and caregivers can enter a tech package raffle by reflecting on the learning they do with their kids.

    I must say my daughter is very excited to start her summer reading challenge. I encourage all Chicago residents with kids or that care for kids to visit your neighborhood Chicago Public Library and register your kids. Also sign up for a library card while you are there!

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