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What Have We Been Reading? Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret (Book 1)

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I have been missing off the blog for some time now and it is with reason, I promise. One big thing that has changed my priorities is the kids learning arrangements. If you are new to the blog, I have a 6-year old ( Carter, Kindergartner) and 17-year old (Jasmine, Junior). Both kids are doing remoting learning. I absolutely love having the kids home with me. 

Remote learning means yours kids need a break away from the screen. When Carter and I received the books we were so excited because Carter has been into detective and mystery books since they started reading Chapter Books at school.  

We received the Explorer Academy books 1-5 ( The Nebula Secret, The Falcon’s Feather, The Double Helix, The Star Dunes, and The Tiger’s Nest. 

Carter and I have been reading Explore Academy: The Nebula Secret Book 1. I knew the book would be advanced for Carter’s reading level, but I always let him try harder books to increase his vocabulary, the same way I would read with sister. It works for my kids! 

As I thought, the book was challenging for him to read alone, but he loved looking at the pictures. He spent about an hour doing that and then with cuddled up and got to reading and that’s when the fun begins.

About Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret


Adventure, danger, and a thrilling global mission await 12-year-old Cruz Coronado in The Nebula Secret. Cruz leaves behind his home in Hawaii to attend the prestigious Explorer Academy, where he and 23 kids from around the globe will train to become the next generation of great explorers. But for Cruz, there’s more at stake. No sooner has he arrived at the Academy than he discovers that his family has a mysterious past with the organization that could jeopardize his future. In the midst of attending cool classes, participating in augmented reality expeditions, and making new friends, he must tackle the biggest question of all: 

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Who is out to get him… and why?

Our Thoughts On Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret Book 1

What Have We Been Reading? Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret (Book 1)

Bedtime is Carter’s downtime for him to read solo and or have a story read to him. In The Nebula Secret Book 1, there is an adventure on each page,  Without giving to many details, here is what we love and why we are still reading:

The main character, Cruz, mother used to work at the Explorer Academy, where he is now joining. She died there in a mysterious lab accident several years ago

Each Chapter in the book is chance to unlock a code and find more clues to Cruz’s hidden past, that is the part the keeps Carter’s engaged. As a parent, I love getting into the voices while I am reading and playing different characters.  The book leaves a lot for young minds to anticipate for the next reading. 

These books are not only great because my kids and I love National Geographic, but because it allows you to open up so many conversation with your children about exploring and discovering different places.

One of my favorite questions I asked Carter while we were reading 

“Have you ever had to do anything that you thought was scary like Cruz did when he left his family to join The Explorer Academy ?” 

I would definitely recommend these books to any parent that has young readers who love adventure books. Here are just a few reasons why I love the books and I know they will grow him.

  1. The Explorer Academy series is a fact-based fiction series inspired by the real-life adventures of real National Geographic explorers.  
  2. Each book incorporates STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), geography, and other subjects into an action-packed storyline and since I know my little guys loves science, it is perfect for his reading collection. 
  3. There is a  “Truth Behind the Fiction” section that profiles real explorers and their work.
  4. Book purchases help support the vital exploration, research, education, and conservation projects of the National Geographic Society.
  5.  Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret typically retails for $16.99 (hardcover).
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Where To Purchase Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret

I’m so excited and so sure kids will love Explorer Academy that I was given a coupon code offering 50% off the first book. The Nebula Secret. Click here to use your special code 50OFFEA1 on Amazon. Offer valid 1/18/21 through 3/19/21 or while supplies last

About National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids inspires young adventurers to explore the world through its award-winning books, magazines, website, television series, apps, games, and more. It is the only major kids brand with a world-class scientific organization at its core. National Geographic Kids brings its brand of powerful, smart storytelling to the fiction world under its Under the Stars imprint, which launched in 2018 with the first book in the Explorer Academy series, The Nebula Secret. 

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