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Couponers, if you’re interested in couponing, there are a few places on the internet you probably frequent: Facebook, your email inbox, deal sites (which hopefully includes a visit to Dealspotr), and the blogs of extreme coupons. One of the most popular sites for finding extreme couponers is Pinterest.

In this visually-stimulating social network, extreme couponers are abundant. But only the great ones can post not only deals but also ways to help others become more savings savvy. And it doesn’t stop there. Life hacks, recipes, and more timely pins are shared as well, rounding out each influential Pinner’s page into something that’s truly helpful for the everyday person looking to get into couponing.


Couponers to Follow

Now, we’re bringing these must-follow extreme Pinterest couponers to you. We’ve polled our Dealspotr influencer network, and have come up with 10 of the most helpful and interesting Pinners to follow if you’re interested in couponing.

The Krazy Koupon Lady

Followers: 286, 374
Pins: 13,368

couponersThe first must-follow Pinterest extreme couponer on our list is the Krazy Koupon Lady. With over 13,000 pins on boards ranging from frugal pet care, to DIY projects under $10, to her “10 Days to Become a Krazy Koupon Lady,” she really runs the gamut from coupons to everyday living. She is a frequent poster, and knows her audience well. There’s even a “Dream Checkout Boy” board for the ladies to admire! It’s this combo of money saving expertise and fun personality that makes the Krazy Koupon Lady so well-liked as a Pinterest couponer.

Krazy Koupon Lady was nominated twice! Once by Catherine Brock of Budget Fashionista, who says that “Krazy Coupon Lady is the Internet expert on couponing. Her Pinterest board is extensive and well organized into savings categories.” The other time was by Jenilee Dunson of Geeky Sweetie, who says “My favorite thing is the way her boards are arranged, with the coupon boards near the top of the page, and other things, like parenting and cooking and such further down the page.”

SavingsMania – Diane Schmidt

Followers: 87,014
Pins: 47,701

couponersNext up is Diane Schmidt of SavingsMania, who is dedicated “to sharing the best, most helpful money-saving pins” An extension of her deal website, her couponing Pinterest page offers timely boards – at this time she’s showcasing “Mother’s Day” and “Summer Fun” boards – along with deals, of course. She even has a page of things she’s “tried” already, so you know what’s worth making/doing. And for her followers that also have a web presence, she has a board with hacks for bloggers to monetize and optimize their blog.


Southern Savers – Jenny

Followers: 19,313
Pins: 3,353

Jenny, who runs the blog Southern Savers, is a Pinterest couponer focused on frugal living and DIY items. She pins not only coupon savings, but ways to save throughout your regular life, and adds her own personal comments to each thing she pins. The most unique feature of Southern Savers is her board of free things to do in specific cities – and not even just in the South!

Southern Savers was nominated by Kecia of From Mom’s Desk. Her reasons? “She has a board dedicated to couponing tutorials. She pins lots of “free things to do in various cities” posts. She shares a lot of frugal content.”

Couponing to be Debt Free

Followers: 8,640
Pins: 5,924

The Pinterest page of Couponing to be Debt Free can be described best through owner Julia’s bio: “I teach you how to live a caviar lifestyle on a shoestring budget and get debt free once and for all!” Fully embracing the coupon lifestyle, this must-follow Pinterest extreme couponer heads up her page with solely savings-related boards. She then expands to the usual – DIY projects and recipes. But the savings wisdom that she translates from her blog to her Pinterest page is what keeps her followers coming back.

Chrysa Duran

Followers: 26,519
Pins: 42,449

couponersChrysa Duran, who is commonly known for her website Thrifty Jinxy, brings her frugal living expertise to Pinterest on her self-titled page. She’s also a helping hand to other bloggers, featuring them in specific boards and promoting their posts to her followers. Aside from the deals, if you’re hungry, she’s got recipes, too. And a board simply titled “Avocado,” with almost 3,500 pins. But it’s her thrifty mindset that keeps Chrysa one of the most must-follow Pinterest extreme couponers. 

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Chrysa Duran was nominated by Ellen LaFleche-Christian of Confessions of an Over-worked Mom, who says that Chrysa “shares lots of ways to save money – not only coupons.” She also “writes well and is easy to relate to.”

Followers: 6,715
Pins: 36,341 is the next place to find deals on Pinterest. Their first board is “Shopping Trips,” where they list each one of their shopping trips with images and a link back to the original article at These feature major savings, and sometimes they’ll even be making a profit by shopping and using coupons at places like Target and Walgreens. Couponaholic has less boards, and in turn is a more curated stop for coupons on Pinterest.

Couponaholic was nominated by Laura DeLuca of New Age Mama because “they post a lot of coupons, they have an active following, & their posts span several states.”

Sarah Bowman

Followers: 6,805
Pins: 4,869

For Sarah Bowman, it’s more about the quality of the things she pins, not the quantity. In her own words:

I highlight frugal tips, DIY projects that actually save people money as well as inexpensive yet amazing recipes focusing on the gluten free and healthy community. I do not believe in using coupons for unhealthy foods.

Pulling from the multiple blogs she owns, including Money Saving Queen, Sarah helps anyone looking for deals on Pinterest to not only save money, but live in a way that makes being frugal come second nature. Make sure to check out her “Saving Dollars” board for all the latest hacks.

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Luv Saving Money

Followers: 6,089
Pins: 2,387

couponersLuv Saving Money Pinner Angie is a good resource for more than just coupons. She also pins contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes, along with deals and freebies. She publishes a new holiday guide every year, with articles taken directly from her blog. Another thing that makes Angie a must-follow Pinterest couponer is her board full of product reviews, to help you know what to purchase and what to skip over in the store.

Kim Rowley @

Followers: 5,232
Pins: 3,387

couponersNext up is Kim Rowley. She has a user-friendly Pinterest – and it’s not just because all of her boards are labeled with the smiley face that is her blog’s logo. There are deals, freebies, DIY projects, and other general interest categories all neatly organized into boards. She posts giveaways, which she says “couponers like to enter to win!” For all you beauty lovers, she also has a whole board dedicated to beauty on a budget.

Cuckoo For Coupons

Followers: 14,753
Pins: 3,387

couponersLast up on our list of must-follow extreme couponers on Pinterest is Deirdre from Cuckoo for Coupons. She offers guides to shopping at specific stores, as well as general guides to saving money every day. Cuckoo for Coupon’s other specialties includes many food boards, and a whole “FREE” board for (you guessed it) freebies, such as the free eBooks with 5-star ratings available on Amazon. This is also where she’ll post giveaways that coincide with her blog.

Cuckoo for Coupons was nominated by Erin Huffstetler of My Frugal Home. She says that “Deidre’s deal info is up-to-the-minute; she knows all the tricks for saving at various stores, and she offers lots of great giveaways.”

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