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Living with a chronic illness for me brings on chronic pain and fatigue. In addition to taking care of my family, I work full-time and recently I have been devoting full-time hours to my blog and website. At the end of the day, I am exhausted. 

I recently was introduced to MyoBuddy Massager Pro to review and for the last few weeks it has given me new life. I have tried different types of massagers, rollers, balls and constantly nagging my husband to rub my legs or back, so I welcomed this.  My first concern was assuring this massager would be safe and work for me, considering my health issues. I did my research first and found MyoBuddy Massager Pro is good for people with sore muscles: athletes, hard workers, sitters, standers and those recovering from accidents and surgeries. This massager fit my needs perfectly, but with any new product if you have a health condition you should consult your doctor before use. 

MyoBuddy Massager Pro| My Thoughts

It always help to understand the product before you begin using it. When I received it I immediately recognized it to be of high quality. With the MyoBuddy Massager Pro you are getting a  professional grade deep tissue,  trigger point massager.  It is designed to provide instant relief to muscle soreness and pain.  It is a handheld device that has a long cord as you can see in the picture, therefore you have free movement when using it. 

MyoBuddy Massager

A major pro for me is that with daily use,  the massager can help with mobility. This is extremely important for me. Over the past two years, I’ve gotten less active and my muscles have gotten tenser. Accordingly, the percussive massage of the MyoBuddy Massager releases tension held in muscle attachments and tendons, resulting in a greater range of motion. With proper use, scar tissue can be broken up with focused treatments. Myofascial Trigger Points are extinguished which allows the muscle tissue to breath as a result of the increase circulation to the area. For anyone suffering from Multiple Sclerosis-like myself, you know if you don’t use your muscles, you lose them. 

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How I Use It

The directions for use are pretty simple. It comes with two covers, one you can use to add lotion and apply the massager directly to your skin. There are three speeds, Low speed  moves in a circular motion and gives a deep percussive massage. Then there is a medium speed and the high-speed is there to deliver a greater surface area massage. You adjust your speeds as you see fit. So far I like the low setting, it is nice and easy. I have been really busy and very sore lately so I have been taking Epsom salt baths. I figured a massage would be a great addition to my nightly routine. Before my bath I used MyoBuddy Massager and then soaked for 20 minutes in Dr. Teals Epsom salt.

MyoBuddy Massager

This is unlike any other massager I have experienced. It is like having a personal massage therapist right in your own home. After my self-treatment I felt like I’d gone to a spa. The massager is designed so that you are able to massage all areas of your body including your lower back with no assistance. 

MyoBuddy Massager

I have to be honest,  I have been prescribed massage therapy by my neurologist to relieve my muscle tension and soreness, but unfortunately, due to my hectic schedule, I was never able to make an appointment. This little powerful pal is perfect timing for my achy body. Overall this is on my list of must-have health items for anyone in need of a good massage or essential self-care. No matter if you are a fitness guru, or someone who suffers from the muscle aches and pains, MyoBuddy Massager Pro is definitely worth a try. 

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*I received this product free to review and share my honest opinions. 

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