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Rogue One
Rogue One : A Star Wars Story Now Available for Purchase

Rogue One : A Star Wars Story is probably one of the most anticipated DVD releases so far this year, specifically for those that didn’t get a chance to see it at the movie theater. To be quite honest, I am probably one of the very few people not into Star Wars. When I was younger I watched the movies all the time, and I recently tried again, but couldn’t; which sucks because my entire family loves all the movies. My husband has introduced our daughter to the older movies so she is a big fan. Our son is too young to understand “the force”, but that doesn’t stop him from getting to know the characters. 

Rogue One

When we were asked to review a copy of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story before the DVD release 4/4/17, my husband more than welcomed the idea. 

Rogue One

Rogue One: A Husband’s Reflection 

The force is strong with this one. What many fans and critics expected to be nothing more than a cheap cash grab capitalizing on an already successful franchise turns out to be a solidly good movie. Rogue One will be a great movie watching experience for long time fans as well as newcomers to the Star Wars series.

The plot is basically just an explanation for a glaring plot hole in the first Star Wars movie. The original plot has the rebels blow up the empire’s ultimate weapon, The Death Star, by using blueprints for the weapon to find it’s weakness. The plot of Rogue One shows how the rebels stole the blueprints. It’s basically a space heist film that turns into a space war film. A compelling story and enough action and special effects to satisfy even the most ardent adrenaline junkies among us makes this one a winner. Almost the entire second half of the move is one long battle scene.

Final Thoughts 

The one shortcoming of the film is the lack of emotional attachment to the characters that we know and love. These new characters are funny, tough, mysterious, and interesting, but the film does nothing to attach them to us emotionally. This leaves the audience rooting for the success of the mission, but caring very little what happens to the characters individually.

Rogue One is also a visual feast. The ever bright luminescence of the lasers and lightsabers against the deep, dark hues of outer space lends itself well to the Blu-ray format. The fast paced action coupled with the razor sharp definition will give the audience a grade A viewing experience. 

Overall, the film’s tone, storyline, and action packed pacing overcomes any  of the films few shortcomings. Get ready for a good night at the movies! Rogue One is it!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story now available for purchase both online and in-stores. 

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Rogue One


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