BFree Wheat Free, Gluten Free Food: Working to Change My Diet


BFree products do not contain wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts or soy. This is one of the first wheat free, gluten free bread products I’ve tasted that actually contains none of those products but still taste like bread.  The BFree product line is free from all major allergens and completely vegan, and it taste amazing!


These are all important things to me because as I battle to change my diet I struggle with eliminating wheat and find products that I enjoy to eat. A few years ago I suffered a horrible MS flare-up, one so severe I thought I would be paralyzed. During that period of recovery I researched diet and discovered that for people living with  MS, many did well following a more plant based diet. For my personal experience, I began juicing, eating only whole grained oats, eliminating red meat,  I ate more fruits and vegetables and drank only water. My condition changed drastically, I fully recovered and went in remission.


Over the past couple of years ,after giving birth to my son I have let my diet fall back to old eating habits. BFree products has made it a lot easier to jump back into my healthier eating habits. BFree products have a delicious fresh taste and compared to others breads have a high amount of fiber. The list of ingredients are amazing, from whole peas, apples and potatoes you won’t find ingredients you can’t pronounce in their foods.


BFree Foods At Home

On weekends my family and I like to enjoy family movie night. On movie night I cook a nice treat for the kiddos and hubby. To keep from ordering take out, I tend to do a copy cat recipes. If you follow me on Instagram you will see our treats. A few weeks ago I made homemade BBQ turkey meatball sandwiches  with homemade sweet potato chips. I placed them on the delicious BFree Hot Dog Buns and they were a hit in my house.


In Chicago BFree products can be easily located at your nearby Jewel grocery store.  The products range from an SRP of $5.49 – 6.99. To locate a seller near you, look online at BFree Foods. Again, if you are Gluten sensitive or have any other allergen and would like to enjoy bread products this is a great brand to try. For a full list of all the products they offer visit BFree Products.

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