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GlassesShop offers various affordable and fashionable frames. Eyeglasses are a necessary accessory for my wardrobe, unfortunately, I cannot see without them. Around five years ago I lost partial vision in my right eye due to optic neuritis caused by a terrible relapse from an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) flare up. From then on I have relied on eyeglasses.

Wearing eyeglasses is okay with me. Since they are on my face all day I like for what I am wearing to fit comfortably, look stylish and more importantly affordable. I have spent $500-$600 dollars on prescriptions and frames. Anyone that is a prescription eyeglass wearer understands that the cost can be outrageous.

GlassesShopI have seen many ads about purchasing glasses online so I decided to give a try. I had such a great experience with ordering online, when my frames came I was very impressed and excited. When ordering your glasses through GlassesShop, you will use a virtual try-on, this application helps you pick out the appropriate frame. It allows you to upload your photo, they recommend that you use a front photograph of your face. It is extremely easy to use. I tried on several pair before deciding.


GlassesShopWhen ordering you will need to have your up to date prescription and PD. Your basic PD is the distance in MM between the centers of your pupils. If you don’t know your PD contact your doctor, the site also offers a way to measure your PD at home. As you can see, some frames weren’t my styles.

GlassesShop is offering my readers 50% off on eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded) use the code GSHOT50 

I am happy with the frames I picked and for the summer I will definitely use the coupon to get me a color pair. They are more comfortable than my previous pair and fit my round face nicely. I think I made a good choice, what do you think? I hope you find a pair you like as much as I like my pair.

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*I received this product free for my honest review, the opinions expressed are my own

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