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Tackle Kids Cancer

As a parent, we want to do everything possible to protect our children and keep them healthy. In the Robinson household, we teach our kids to treat everyone with love, respect and to give back to the community whenever possible. This year I wanted to help promote a cause that affects many families.

When I think of children who are diagnosed with cancer my heart immediately begins to ache. When my daughter was only eight months old she stopped gaining weight and growing. Her pediatrician immediately began scheduling her for tests. I cried many nights and prepared for whatever it could be. We went in for a bone scan and I remember anxiously waiting for the results. The doctor phoned us a few hours later to say there was no cancer found. I cried tears of relief. My daughter was later diagnosed with rickets, an illness that forms from a lack of vitamin D, easily treatable.

During my time of waiting and testing, I felt like someone had snatched me from reality. I cannot imagine the pain parents and families experience when a child is diagnosed with cancer. As I watched the story of Kaia, a pediatric cancer patient and I listen to the strength in her father’s voice, I wanted to reach out and help them. I know words can only do so much, but I can provide real empathy to families like Kaia’s by helping fund research.

I learned how Tackle Kids Cancer can help. Tackle Kids Cancer funds pediatric cancer research and innovative patient care programs to help find a cure. Kaia’s story is like so many other young kids who have been diagnosed. It is a daily battle for them and their families. With the help of Tackle Kids Cancer, researchers can get closer to finding a cure. Discoveries made by researchers with Tackle Kids Cancer dollars help children throughout the world.

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This holiday season, you can help make things a little easier for families impacted by donating to Tackle Kids Cancer.

As you plan your annual giving and a cause to support, I urge you to consider #TackleKidsCancer. Share on X

Tackle Kids Cancer

I hope you consider donating. For more information and to see how your contribution helps, visit www.tacklekidscancer.org

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