How Do You Want To Be Remembered?


How Do You Want To Be Remembered?We all want to leave a mark in this world. Some people are remembered for their courage and ability to stand up for what is right such as the great Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Others are talented beyond words and leave the world wanting long after they are gone as we see with the legendary Michael Jackson.

People tell me that I tend to absorb the problems of others and try to help in situations that are deemed “helpless”. But is anyone truly helpless? For that reason, I use to question my ability to go the extra mile and console a friend or help a loved one regardless of how many times they were in need.

Those around me could not understand my compassion and accepting nature to bring in a friend that once turned their back on me, but now required a shoulder. I questioned my own sanity in some cases, but I knew I was right in my willingness to forgive. Time and time again I was that shoulder to lean on.

There has always been something deep inside that spoke to me. The comforting whispers in my heart told me that God has sent that person to me. Share on X

In the will of doing right in the eyes of God, I help, I comfort, I console. I do what I’m told. I worry no more how others view my nature to nurture, I just do!

So I sit and ponder. How do I want to be remembered?

When someone speaks of my life after I am long gone, I want to be remembered as the woman that smiled for absolutely no reason at all and joked to make an uncomfortable situation easier. But most importantly I want to be remembered as the woman that took away a problem from someone, absorbed the hurt of another, and through her heart loved glowed through. I want to be remembered for the mommy that loved her kids through all their trials and tribulations. Who inspired them to do their best.

So I ask, how will you be remembered?

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