30 Ways to Show Gratitude This Month


As the end of the year grows closer, I tend to reflect on the things that I am thankful for the most. This year has been very difficult for me – it is safe to say this has been the most challenging times of my life thus far. I decided to finish out my year by finding 30 ways to show gratitude during my daily interactions.

Learning to have a more positive attitude helps create a happier, healthier environment. When you take time out of life to show gratitude to the things in your life you start to notice how beautiful the world around you really becomes.

30 Ways to Show Gratitude – Choose Something To Do Daily

  1. Give long random hugs to the people you love- remind them that they are special with a long a hug for no reason
  2. Call your friends more often- instead of sending a text message, make a phone call to a friend
  3. Tell your spouse you love them more often-
  4. Look for beauty in things-
  5. Give a genuine compliment to someone about something that you admire
  6. Say “thank you” for something small so show appreciation
  7. Send a loving email to your spouse
  8. Cuddle with your spouse a little longer in bed
  9. Buy a few extra pairs of gloves and hand them out to the homeless
  10. Smile at someone just because so it brightens their day!
  11. Put your phone away and be in the moment
  12. Hold your teen’s hand and go for a walk – this could go a long way with a teen you are trying to bond with
  13. Plan a coffee date with a friend you have not seen a while
  14. Let someone know exactly why you are appreciative of them – give an example of something that they have done and share details of why are grateful
  15. Offer to do a chore to make someone’s load a little lighter
  16. Ask someone if they need anything and listen for their “need”
  17. Be a little more patient
  18. Listen without speaking
  19. Be encouraging to those that are feeling down
  20. Cook a meal together with your family
  21. Cuddle with your kids
  22. Watch your spouse’s favorite TV series
  23. Wake up 5 minutes earlier to say affirmations
  24. Leave love notes for your family members to find
  25. Praise your kids when they do something small
  26. Bake a treat for someone special in your life
  27. Listen to your partner’s insight
  28. Turn up the music and dance for no reason
  29. Take a walk together
  30. Give your partner the night off and time for themselves
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Showing gratitude is as simple as reminding someone that you love them. We can easily get lost in everyday life and not show our affection to others. If for a moment in your day you press pause and let someone know they are your top priority, having a positive attitude has a positive effect on your health and life.


30 days to show gratitude

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