Food For Thought Cafe | I Appreciate You Seeing My Strength, But I Hurt Too

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This week in the Food for Thought cafe, we are talking about listening to others that you may deem strong. Do you ever take for granted that a person will always be okay no matter what they go through, if so why? Or are you the person everyone knows will make it through anything. 

It’s funny how during hard times you think you can’t make it through, everything seems devastating and some situations seem like you can’t escape. It almost feels like you are being punished for a crime you never committed.

Defense mode keeps us safe. Sometimes we block out so much that we don’t realize that what we’re blocking has already gotten in. Hurt, anger, love, jealously, lust, etc. can ease through the tiniest crack of a well constructed wall.

I hate it when people tell me they don’t worry about me. They say they always know that I will be okay, no matter what. Granted I appreciate that people know my strengths, but despite my outer shell, I’m very soft on the inside. As much as I worry about others, it would be nice to know someone had the same concern for me. 

Just because a person can hold their own, doesn’t mean they don’t need a shoulder. Look to the friend you always turn to during your troubles and ask if she/he needs anything. You may be surprised.

It is easy to harbor sadness for the sake of others, but for healthy healing we need to address our issues.

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