How to Get Great Fall and School Deals After School Starts


Most kids have gone Back-to-School or will be going back this week and next week. Labor Day here in Chicago traditionally signals the end of summer vacation for kids. Public schools start the day after Labor Day and many of the suburban and other schools have gone back or are going back.

For many families Back-to-School is the official end of the season. If you’re shopping for school supplies like laptops, notebooks, pencils, backpacks, new school clothing and shoes, you may have completed the your list already. If you are anything like me, you may have waited on a few items. I tend to do this for my daughter since she has gotten older because she isn’t excited about wearing new clothes for the first days and to be honest she gets a ton of new stuff for summer and she can wear that for the first few weeks as we prepare for Fall here in Chicago.

School Deals: Save Money After School Starts

Back-to-School shopping can take a toll on your family finances, but if you wait a week or two after school starts there are always deals, discounts and sales on supplies, electronics, and more. When you are shopping in late August and September note that stores will begin to bring in Halloween items and Fall decor. This means they are going to start marking down items very soon. If there is something you can hold back from buying and you are sure it will be in the store later, I suggest you wait.

I’ve put together a list of some great stores where you can shop online and find awesome fall and school deals.  I personally like to freshen up the linens and bedding in my home so the first item is a great deal. Keep in mind I also start my holiday shopping around this time as well. These stores have great holiday and birthday gift ideas as well.

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school deals

Another favorite place of mine to shop is Hollar. If you haven’t checked them out, what are you waiting for, head over there now, items start as low as $1.

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