How to Make Kid Friendly Wardrobe Hooks Using Toys


Are you looking for a creative project to do with the kids and clean the mess that haunts their bedroom floor? Every parent has walked into their child’s room only to find piles of clothes and toys all over the floor. The makers of Surge glue want to help inspire your kids to take more control of the mess and get their clothes off the floor with a little creative DIY.  Make these easy DIY wardrobe hooks by using the mountain of toys that you tripped over while entering the room.


This is a fun project you can do with any aged child from toddler and up. For younger kids to help with this, have them assist you by gathering all the toys and placing them in the center of the room  so you can decide which ones will ultimately become the hooks.

Sugru moldable glue is ideal for this project because it bonds to most materials, which means you can turn anything you already have lying around the home into a hook. There’s no need to buy expensive new fittings!

How to Make Kid Friendly Wardrobe Hooks Using Toys

Supplies :

● 1 x 3 pack of Sugru ($12.00 from

● Some old toys

How to Make the Hooks:

● Step 1 – Roll one single-use pack of Sugru into two balls and press them firmly onto your object. Then mold them into pyramid shapes with your fingers.

● Step 2 – Press firmly onto the door so Sugru pushes out the sides. Then gently rub the edges to make it nice and smooth.

● Step 3 – Use masking tape to hold the toy in place and leave it to set for 24 hours.

Your kids will now have beautiful hooks to  hang their clothes and bags on. I know what you are thinking, how do I remove it from my surfaces after I no longer want it there. Here are a few tips from the makers.

*Note: I have not tried to remove this product. Please apply at your own risk and follow all instructions listed on the box

  1. Sugru can be removed from non-porous surfaces: simply cut off the bulk of it off using a knife or scalpel. You can then remove the residue with your nails and some tissue.
  2. If you stick Sugru to a porous unglazed ceramic surface, or unvarnished wood, it will be removable but will leave a stain.
  3. From fabrics and leathers – once you’ve worked Sugru into fabric, it will be very difficult to remove, and will always leave traces.

Also the company provides a nice instructional video for removal

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