Enjoy a $10 monthly Promo Reward
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Try A CVS CarePass Membership and Save More!

Create a CVS account and try CarePass for FREE for one month.

  • Enjoy a $10 monthly promo reward as a thank you.
  • Try CarePass for FREE for one month then enjoy your member benefits for only $5 a month or $48 a year – a $12 savings.
  • 20% off CVS Health Brand and Live Better Products everyday with your CarePass Membership.
  • Receive a monthly promo reward to spend on something just for you.
    Enjoy a $10 monthly Promo Reward

    Here are a few ways CarePass helps make it easier to take care of yourself and your family:

    1. FREE 1 to 2 day shipping of eligible purchases from CVS.com
    2. FREE 1 to 2 day delivery of qualifying prescriptions through USPS
    3. FREE same-day delivery of qualifying prescriptions and essentials from select pharmacy locations
    4. 20% off eligible CVS Health® and Live Better by CVS Health brand products in store and online
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