Cricut Infusible Ink T-Shirt Black History Month With Dr. Maya Angelou


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As Black History Month kicks off I wanted to make a unique t-shirt that honored one of my most admired poets and civil rights activists of all time, Dr. Maya Angelou. I made this Cricut Infusible Ink T-Shirt Black History Month to celebrate Dr. Maya Angelou.

Cricut Black History Month

What I love so much about Dr. Maya Angelou is that her words would speak to my soul. She spoke words of wisdom, self-love, and respect. If you were a little dark-skinned African American girl with “nappy hair” like me when you read her books or heard Maya Angelou speak you felt strong and beautiful.

I chose this design because as I stepped into this year and this new journey of life, I’ve been embracing who I am. I celebrate Black History all year long so this shirt is something that will inspire me beyond Black History month and I hope it does the same for you. There should never be a time in your life when you don’t feel like you are living as your true self.

I love Cricut Infusible Ink because the colors are so vibrant and beautiful. The results are seamlessly smooth transfers that never flake, peel, wrinkle, or crack and still look vibrant after many trips through the washer.

Cricut Black History Month

I have always been a creative soul but sometimes I’ve held back my authentic self. I have always loved bright colors, my big curly hair, funky music, and I dance a little off-key. I can’t sing but I love too and with that, I’m living to be AMAZING. To recreate this shirt follow me here:

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Supplies You Need:

For this design, I decided to combine Cricut Everyday Vinyl with the Infusible Ink.

Go to Design Space and select the image of the butterfly or an image you like.

Cricut Black History Month

Since I also used vinyl for this project, here is when I sent my quote to the mat to be cut and I weeded it. Be sure to mirror your image.

*Here is a tip I love to weed on my mat. It helps for the small spots.

Cricut Black History Month

Working With Infusible Ink

Place your Infusible Ink Sheet face down on your mat and send it to your Cricut machine for it to cut.

After it cuts take away any of the negative parts. Infusible ink weeds differently I like to bend mine until I hear a crack.

Note:  Infusible ink sheets are light-sensitive if they come in contact with the liquid you will damage the material so be sure your hands are dry. Be sure to store the product in a dark, dry place.

Before I press my images I place them to see how they line up. Now is your chance to ensure that everything is where you want it to go.

For this project, you have to press the materials separately. The vinyl needs to press first.

Heat the EasyPress 2 to 315 and the timer for 30 seconds and press.

Next, set your EasyPress 2 to 385 and the timer for 40 seconds. Place the color side down. Cover with the butcher sheet that comes with your package and press.

Cricut Black History Month

I am proud of the shirt I created. Comment below if you decide to recreate it.

Cricut Black History Month

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I made this Cricut Infusible Ink T-Shirt with this lovely quote by Dr. Maya Angelou for inspiration. Check out how you can design a t-shirt using Cricut Infusible Ink.

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