5 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day On A Budget Ideas


Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to get romantic with your significant other. When you were busy parents it can be hard to find time for each other but is important for you to acknowledge the love that you share and find ways to enjoy your day.

The classic dinner date at your favorite fancy restaurant may not be the ideal way to enjoy the day. Valentine’s Day dinner reservations can be a headache and sometimes way more expensive than we care to spend. Here I’ve listed five affordable alternatives to enjoy your Valentine’s Day on a budget with your spouse or significant other.

Valentine’s Day On A Budget Ideas

Have a date night in. This is the perfect opportunity to spend some time alone in your own home. Order some takeout and find a movie that you both want to watch.Light some candles and grab the good china and a glass of your favorite wine.

Clean the car. Your spouse or significant other would appreciate a clean car wash, vacuum floors and a tank filled with gas. It is simple and inexpensive, but definitely something that would not go unnoticed. There is also a mechanic service that will come right to your home or office for car repairs and do it on the spot! Use YourMechanic to schedule a maintenance check or oil change for your spouse so they don’t have to wait in line. They are offering this Valentine’s special with promo code LOVEYM get 14% off for a limited time.

Warm bath. Run a warm bath and light candles in the bathroom for your loved one. Add essential oils to the water, play some soft music and add a cup of tea or wine to top off the night and help them relax. If you want to get fancy add a few flower petals to the water (totally optional).

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Find inexpensive tickets. If you really want to go out try getting tickets to a community play, comedy show  or check your local theater for inexpensive theater tickets. Local high schools and colleges are always looking for an audience and their shows can be just as amazing. You can always have something to talk about on the way home (rather good or bad).

Bowling. Finally, if you are looking for an activity to get out of the house and moving around try going bowling. It’s great to add another couple but if you have to go at it alone check to see if you’re bowling alley has special nights like black light night, adults-only night etc.

Valentine's Day on a budget

So as you can see Valentine’s Day does not have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be over the top. The main thing is to make sure that your partner knows that you care. If you want to take this Valentine’s Day and use it for peace and quiet do so with someone that you love. While Valentine’s Day may just be a one day holiday, remember it is important that your spouse or significant other knows that you love him or her every day. I hope these Valentine’s Day on budget ideas work for you.

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