Spooktober Movie List Scary Halloween Movies to Watch In October


With the Halloween holiday arriving, my daughter, Jasmine decided to put together a list of Halloween movies to watch that are appropriate for teenagers and up. The list has newer and old school movies.

I was very impressed by this list. Jasmine took time to find movies that were appropriate for teenagers to watch with their parents. on the list is one of my favorite movies of all time What Lies Beneath. I definitely reviewed this list of movies with my daughter,  and I approved. As a parent, I suggest you review the list with your teenager prior to watching the movies to ensure they are appropriate for your child and your family.

So here is Jasmine’s 31 movies to watch this October.

2018 Spooktober Movie List

October 1st – A Quiet Place

October 2nd – Scream

October 3rd – Trick or Treat

October 4th – The Mist

October 5th – The Ring

October 6th – You’re Next

October 7th – Final Destination

October 8th – A Tale of Two Sisters

October 9th – The Girl with All the Gifts

October 10th – The Shining

October 11th – Alien

October 12th – The Human Centipede

October 13th -Splinter 

October 14th – Poltergeist

October 15th – The People Under the Stairs

October 16th – The Silence of the Lambs

October 17th – The Stendhal Syndrome

October 18th – What Lies Beneath

October 19th – Jeepers Creepers

October 20th – The Ring

October 21st – Saw

October 22nd – The Grudge

October 23rd – The Otherd

October 24th – Friday the 13th

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October 25th – The Conjuring

October 26th – Annabelle

October 27th – The Nun

October 28th – Sinister

October 29th –  Insidious

October 30th – A Nightmare on Elm Street

October 31st – Halloween ? 


Scary Movies to Watch

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