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Car shopping can be exciting, and sometimes frustrating. We live in the city and commute everywhere so having a good reliable vehicle is essential to our family. With two cars over ten years old it’s time to consider looking at investing in a new car. This past year alone has been filled with expensive car repairs and more trouble than needed.

Early this year we visited the Chicago Auto Show. Hubby and I had a chance to play around with a few cars, so I know I would love my next car to be an SUV. But to be fair his car would be the car that needs to be replaced first, so I guess when it’s all said and done he will have the final say. It doesn’t hurt to learn a little more anyway and teaches me everything I need to know.

With so many different companies telling you what features are important, or what is the best style for your family size, it is nice to get all the information I need from one source. is a one-stop hub of information.

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Before Car Shopping,  Why Visit

The site is filled with all the resources a car buyer would need. If you follow my website, you know that I research everything before I buy it. Buying a car is one of those big-ticket items that once purchased you are pretty much stuck with it. One section that I found most useful was “research a specific model”. In this section, you get to choose the model of the car, year, how much you are looking to spend and you can compare it to other cars.

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Once you have the type of car you want to be sure to choose different years, specs, and models. Don’t be afraid to compare similar cars, what you may find it that another car with very similar features fits your budget and lifestyle more. Unless you have a ton of money to throw away be open to different options.  The site will show you details about the car and show you places where you can purchase the car and get a quote.

Be An Informed Buyer

Although I am not a first-time car buyer, information like this is valuable when you are car shopping. You will find that various dealers will quote you very different prices on the same year vehicle and if you are not informed, you could end up spending thousands of dollars more. Once you have the type of car you want to be sure to shop around to different dealer for a price comparison. also does a great job of explaining financing versus leasing. This is information I wish I knew before purchasing my second car. They also explain buying from a private seller as opposed to a dealership. Every person is different and something will fit your need.

The best tool a buyer of any kind can have is knowledge. is arming you will all the information and skills you need to make informed purchases. Car shopping does not have to be difficult. I’ve done it twice so far. As we prepare to size up our car this time around I will be more prepared and informed by visiting first.

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