Homeschool Gift Ideas For the Homeschooler


This year has brought on the joys of homeschooling my son. I have been spending evenings and weekends with him to help prepare him for preschool. Perhaps you have a meschooling parent on your list.

These homeschool gift ideas are sure to help you find something they may be wishing for. I’ve picked out the best items I think a homeschooling parent would want as a gift. These products are excellent to help build a homeschooling area no matter what size space you have.

homeschool gift ideas

Homeschoo Gift Ideas (Preschool and up)

Homeschooling parents order many items online, therefore a prime membership would be an excellent idea. The items list will help any parent interested in starting to homeschool or currently homeschooling.

Memberships and theater tickets are great homeschooling gift ideas for families and are great for taking field trips.

  • Zoo
  • Local museums
  • Theme parks
  • YMCA
  • Tickets to local shows

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Extra Large Removable Chalkboard Contact Paper Roll with 5 color chalks, Self-Adhesive 

This is perfect for creating a blackboard area to help your child practice working on your handwriting. Easy to use and remove: Simply peel the vinyl chalkboard off of its back paper and then stick to a smooth flat is easy to remove entirely in case you want to redecorate. 

We use this on the wall as a giant chalkboard so he can practice writing.

Made out of strong vinyl material for long-lasting quality, removable and repositionable, it made of non-toxic recycling of environmentally friendly materials.

AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator

This works great for laminating your own flashcards, documents, and anything else you need. Laminate documents up to 9 inches wide; compatible with letter-size, legal-size, business-card-size, and photo-size papers.

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There are two heat settings, the company is suggesting for best results to use the ‘3mil’ heat setting for normal documents, photos, and cardstock and to use ‘5mil’ setting for thinner papers  

Lion Insta-Cover Ring Binder Easel, 3/4 Inches Ring, 1 Binder Easel (40008)

This is great for using as a flip-board. This stylish presentation easel binder, with its easy setup, light portable feature, is the perfect tabletop presentation idea. Portable flipchart easel is built with a durable framework and finished with an attractive sewn border.

Durable rings with an open and close mechanism can hold up to 40 refill pockets / 80 views. Full-size view pocket on the cover of this easel display binder to customize as you please. Also, includes a spine label and a business card pocket

IRIS 6-Drawer Scrapbook Cart with Organizer Top, White

I use this scrapbook organizer to keep all of our workbooks, folders, supplies, and much more in order. Organize your scrapbook projects and supplies with this 6-drawer rolling cart.

The organizer top is great for keeping small accessories organized and within reach. Drawers are clear to easily identify contents. The casters allow for easy mobility so you can move your cart from room to room. The drawers accommodate 12 x 12-inch paper or books and the drawers can be removed to put on a working table. I move this from room to room with no issues.

Get Ready Kids Classroom Calendar

If your child is ready for learning about the date and weather, them the ultimate interactive calendar is it. The calendar features day, month, year, season, weather and events and has durable attachments which include blanks to create your own special events and holidays, birthdays, etc. It is a Large 36” x 26” washable fabric surface.

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*Please check back as more items are updated weekly to this educational gift guide.

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