Simple Tips to Spruce Up Your Home Decor Inexpensively


Spruce Up Your Home with Organization and New Decor

Allow your spirit and your mind to be free as you transition your home decor to the season or reason you desire. Now is the perfect time to freshen up your home with new color and bright colors. If you follow me on Instagram you will see that my hubby and I have been working on a few DIY projects of our own in the house,

We recently teamed up with LuxeDecor to bring some beautiful home decor accessories into our living room. If you are anything like me when the season change so does your desire for a different decor. When spring comes I want brighter colors and more flowers to around the home to give it a cheerful glow. During the fall or holidays, I often go for different themes.  Changing your room doesn’t have to be expensive. No matter your mood or color scheme, our friends at LuxeDecor has such a huge selection of items to choose from you will find just what you need at the perfect price.

Here Are 3 Tips to Makeover Your Living Space

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When considering your living space the first thing you want to do is decide which room you want to tactical first. The next thing is to decide your budget for your home decor items. You don’t want to toss out things and then realize you don’t have the money to replace your items. The best thing about DIY projects is that you can take your time and do things a little bit at a time.

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Tip #1: Paint Something

Painting is easy and simple to do. It is inexpensive but can make a dramatic change. If one of your rooms needs to be spruced consider changing the wall color but don’t stop there. One of the best ways to save money and spruce of old furniture is to paint it.

We decided to paint our old entertainment center. I choose to paint it white. White helps to keep everything crisp and neutral. It was a very simple project that took less than a day. We primed the surface first and taped off the areas we didn’t want to get paint on.

Next, we took a roller and paint brush and start painting it white. The project was easy our 13-year-old daughter helped me with the priming and my husband finished helping me with the painting.

home decor

home decor

Tip#2: Change the Lighting 

Good lighting is one of the most important things in a room. If you have table lamps in your room consider changing them to floor lamps. We added these beautiful floor lamp from LuxeDecor to our living room and because the lighting source is now facing downward instead of upward like it did with the previous light, the room immediately brightened up.

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Tip#3: Cover It Up

We are not always in the position to purchase a brand new set of furniture. The good new is there are beautiful throws, pillows and slip cover that can make something old look like and feel like new. You can add rugs and so much more to any room. Spruce up small areas with rugs. These are from LuxeDecor

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home decor

home decor

I ordered this throw to place on the back of our couch because I hated how dull and drab the brown looked. As I continue with the makeover I will add more throw pillows to the couch. DIY projects like this can be a work in progress until you are satisfied with the look. Home decor items are easy to find and a little change can make a drastic difference.

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    1. Yes, I finally realized how many things we could repurpose with a simple can of primer and paint. I can’t wait to do more. I have a lovely bench in my backyard, thats our next project.

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