Gerber® Lil’ Beanies Toddler Snack, Perfect for On the Go


The perfect toddler snack is a must have for any busy mom on the go. Gerber® Lil’ BeaniesTM is the perfect win-win toddler snack.  My son Carter and I headed down the baby aisles of our local Target in search of healthy toddler snack. I am always pleased with Gerber products so I was delighted to find Gerber® Lil’ BeaniesTM in two delicious flavors.

toddler snack

I am a busy on the go mom. I am always looking for a healthy snack to toss in my diaper bag or pack for lunch for my toddler to take with him. Gerber Lil’ Beanies  has 2 grams of protein (9% Daily Value) and 1 gram of fiber per serving.  What I like most is that it is baked and not fried.

toddler snack

toddler snack

As a working mom of 2, it can be difficult to find nutritious and delicious snacks that are travel-ready and mess-proof. Gerber® Lil’ BeaniesTM offers an appropriate self-feeding toddler snack that’s perfect to pack no matter where you’re going.

The snack is made of navy beans,  no genetically engineered (GM) ingredients,  no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It makes it very easy for me to say “yes” to his snack time.

toddler snack

Do you think he knows it’s made with beans?  Although Carter is a good eater, at times like most toddlers he can be picky. As a mom I want to make sure I am feeding him the best, especially when I am busy and just need to grab something fast.

The first bean-based snack in the baby aisle, Gerber Lil’ Beanies is made from the goodness of navy beans.  Knowing that I am packing a delicious and healthy snack for my toddler gives me one less thing to worry about.

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IS Gerber Lil’ Beanies The Perfect Toddler Snack for Carter?

toddler snack

We took them home and he gave them a try. With two delicious flavors to choose from, Original and White Cheddar & Broccoli, Carter enjoyed them both.  As a busy mom it is one of my top priority to provide my children with a balance and healthy diet.

Since I work in the public health field I understand the importance of snacking healthy.  While I am at work, during the time he is away from me,  I can rest assured knowing he is not eating things I would not approve of.

toddler snack

Hear what Carter had to say about Gerber® Lil’ BeaniesTM. He is a happy little snacker.

If you are a parent like me and want to provide your child with a quick healthy snack, stop by your nearest Target and using your iBotta app, grab this coupon offer on Gerber Lil’ Beanies for your toddler while supplies last.

toddler snack

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