Baby Expo Chicago 2016 Recap: Meet the Vendors & More


*I was invited as media to Baby Expo Chicago, no other compensation was given all the views expressed are my honest opinion.

I attended Baby Expo Chicago 2016 at the Marriott O’Hare. Hosted by Hope McComb,  a Chicago area family business the expo provides an opportunity to check out new products  and resources. It was an excellent event. I had a chance to meet some great vendors.

baby expo Chicago 2016

The Marriott was filled with parents and kids enjoying the live DJ, bouncy house, and the various vendors that lined the ballroom. There were tons of free giveaways, samples, demonstrations,  new product introductions, and activities for the kiddos.

baby expo Chicago 2016

My family joined me at our table and since there were activities for the kids my daughter took baby Carter around while my husband spoke to many of the conference goers at our table and I joined the other parents.

After spending a little time at my table with the moms sharing my tips, I made my way through many  of the other exhibits and had a chance to interview a few of the vendors. The exhibit room was filled with a few familiar companies handing out samples.

My favorite baby food company was there.  When Carter started solids we blended all of his baby food using the Magic Baby Bullet we received at our baby shower.  At times when we were pressed for time and I didn’t prep his food for a trip out, we kept BeechNut Organics in the cabinets. I was very happy to see them at the expo. They are a brand I believe in and stand behind.

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They gave out samples to taste. The reason I like them so much is because the baby food taste similar to what we cooked at home and my son had no issues with going from our food to the bottle food if we had too and I didn’t feel guilty.

baby expo Chicago 2016

I continued on and saw these wonderful blankets that I wish existed when my daughter was a baby. Jasmine is 12 years old now, but when she was younger she would pulled the blanket over head and sleep that way all night. I was terrified she was going to suffocate. Our apartment was very hot and she has asthma. I think she did that as some type of a security thing. Anyway check this out and see how it could save you from worrying about your little one.

This is a blanket onesie that can be worn over the pajamas or alone. It is so soft and lightweight. So don’t think heavy blanket when you see the word blankie. You have to touch it to understand just how breathable it is. They are not sold in stores but you can get them through her Etsy shop. These are perfect for little ones that don’t like to stay under the cover like my son.

Baby Expo Chicago 2016 Vendors

Baby Expo Chicago 2016 attracted several vendors from all over. For those of you that didn’t get a chance to make it I hope you find their contact on this recap useful for all your baby and toddler needs.

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baby expo Chicago 2016

baby expo Chicago 2016

baby expo Chicago 2016

Who Did I Meet?

Runchkins  is a new concept to me and was all ears. It is a box of pre-selected clothes based on a style profile you set for your child. You are sent a box of clothes and your have 5 days to try on the clothes and decide what you want to purchase or send it back.

Purchase only what you want, send back the rest with free shipping and returns. Sell back any piece for store credit when your little one outgrows it. Sounds like it could work for me.

NurtureOne gave a great interview and let us go Facebook live.

baby expo Chicago 2016

The lovely ladies at Babywearing International took time out with me towards the end of the conference to show me the proper way to wear a few of the wraps.

I did wear baby Carter until he was a round 8 months and then my wrap was no longer useful. There are wraps out there the can carry kids until  5 years old. I wish I could wrap him now because there are times when he just isn’t comfortable in the stroller and my body can’t carry him in my arms.

The ladies were wonderful and shared with me their event schedule for upcoming classes. They teach parents how to properly wrap and carry their children. They also allow you to borrow a wrap so you can get comfortable with a wrap before you purchase your own.

Along with the exhibitors Baby Expo Chicago offered on-stage demos, I took to the stage for 15 minutes and offered tips on how to relax while being a busy mom, there also was a Beautiful Baby Contest for ages 0-3 years old. There were giveaways going on throughout the entire expo.

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baby expo Chicago 2016
Beautiful Baby Contest

baby expo Chicago 2016

Finally I met these two lovely ladies as I was wrapping up. They sell the most comfortable clothing you could ever own, LuLaRoe Jackie Delre & Beth Paniagua. They blessed me with a pair of leggings that I will review for you guys in a later post. The clothing is so soft and comfortable, I can’t wait to wear them.


baby expo Chicago 2016

baby expo ChicagoSo that was a wrap for me. The family and I had a delicious lunch at the hotel restaurant, my kids had a blast and my husband was amazing. Baby Expo Chicago 2016 was truly an event for the entire family.  If you missed going this year, be sure to get tickets for next year.



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