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I had the most fun this weekend with a mini photo-shoot with my handsome little guy. We were given the special opportunity to review “The Little Dapper Collection”, a handmade bow tie company here in Chicago.  These bow ties are so adorable I couldn’t stop gushing over Carter once he had his on. The company specializes in stylish bow ties for dapper little babies and toddlers. Obviously perfect for my dapper little gentleman, I couldn’t pass when asked by the owner, Genesis Emery to review her creation.

little dapper

About The Little Dapper Collection

The Little Dapper CollectionThe Little Dapper Collection was founded in the summer of 2015 by Genesis A. Emery.  This mom of one was inspired to start The Little Dapper Collection by her 1- year old son who she and her partner affectionately refer to as “Baby Noah.” Before motherhood Genesis’ professional background included spokes modeling, hosting, and entrepreneurship in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries.


Little Dapper
Genesis Emery with her family at the March of Dimes Owner of The Little Dapper Collection

During her pregnancy with Noah, she knew she wanted to create a new brand that was targeted towards her new life as a mom and her love for children. Combining her love of fashion and style, she decided to create a bow tie collection for babies and toddlers.  “I have always been a fan of dapper little gentlemen and have a true love for fashion and style!” – Genesis A. Emery  However, after giving birth to Noah and experiencing him having to stay in the NICU at Lurie Children’s Hospital for the first 2 months of his life, she knew then that she wanted to create an influential brand that not only encompassed fashion but also gave back to children and their needs. Despite having a healthy pregnancy and seemingly smooth delivery, when  Baby Noah was born, his father and Genesis were told that he wouldn’t make it because he was born with an unexpected cleft palette, a severe breathing issue and a host of other medical complications- some of which they still battle today. She knew then that it was her mission to do something inspirational for children and continually give back to them. The Little Dapper Collection is inspired by Baby Noah’s story and the happiness that he has brought and continues to bring each day to others. Bow ties make people happy and bring great joy, just like Baby Noah and his inspiring story!

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THE LITTLE DAPPER COLLECTION REVIEW: Your son needs one in his closet

The Little Dapper CollectionThis is the most inspiring review I’ve had a chance to do. After hearing their story and understanding Genesis’ motivation behind starting her company, I was deeply moved and touched. I was honored to be able to share my experience and her story with my readers.

My son Carter and I ventured out this weekend to bring to you some fun photos to showcase just how adorable the bow ties truly are. He had fun posing for the camera and mama enjoyed photographing him.

The Little Dapper Collection



The bow ties are made of natural fabric and are one of a kind. The company of offers a unique approach to assure that the bow ties are baby friendly and safe. The easy bow tie has a small adjustable velcro fastening. The velcro makes it easy for putting on and taking off a moving infant or busy toddler. Carter was very comfortable in the tie, I didn’t have any problems with him trying to remove it and velcro gives enough space for him to grow into it. Another plus is that you can have the bow ties custom made! The Little Dapper Company donates a small percentage of their monthly sales to charities. The Little Dapper Collection partnered with Be Someone based in Atlanta, GA this past February during Black History Month to give back to troubled youth. They are partnering with Lurie Children’s Hospital in May, the Cleft Palette Foundation in upcoming months, and other charities in the near future.

Her collection is huge, she has created an assortment of seasonal colors from spring to winter, holidays (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) I highly recommend you like her Facebook  & Instagram to get a full view of the collection.

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The Little Dapper Collection





I definitely will add a few more of these to Carter’s wardrobe. I think all little boys should learn to dress like a gentleman. These can be worn dressed up or down. The patterns and fabric selection make it easy to pair with jeans or dress slacks. To order directly Contact The Little Dapper Company 

The Little Dapper CollectionThe owner was so generous and sweet she gave me a bow tie to raffle off to one lucky reader.  You can enter now to win this beautiful bow tie for your handsome little guy. It is a size medium and is adjustable should fit babies up to size 15 months.

The giveaway will run today 4/25/16-5/24/16. I will announce the winner on Facebook and Twitter on 6/1/16. It is important that the winner emails me at [email protected] with their mailing address so that I can ship their product out to them.


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  1. Omg how cute are these bow ties?!?! I just love it when I see little boys all dressed up!

  2. Omg how cute are these bow ties?!?! I just love it when I see little boys all dressed up!

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