aMAZEd Money Maze:Fun Surprise Gift For Ages 6 & Up


We were recently sent aGreatLife aMAZEd Money Maze to review and enjoy.The Money Maze puzzle is so fun and such a unique gift. It is a perfect gift to give to someone that has everything or for someone that loves to have fun. You add money to the box and have the person solve the maze in order to release the surprise cash inside. How fun is that?

I would have love to receive one of these as a kid instead of just a a simple card. It is also a nice idea to pass along. If your child gets it as a gift, they can pass it along to a friend with a note to continue to pass it along to another family member or friend. It is just so much fun.

This non-toxic 3x3x3 box comes in four colors and it trust me when you give this to someone it will be a shocker. It can also be the fun gag gift.

According to the company it is recommended for anyone six and up. I actually had my 12 year old do our video review check it out.

aMAZED Money Maze Review On YouTube

This was a fun experience and we will be giving this away product from aGreatLife and aMAZEd Money Maze as a gift.

Fun for Kids – These game and toy maze boxes are a challenge for kids, without being too hard to crack or too easy to be boring. Once the puzzle is solved and the gift is retrieved, it can be used as a coin box or secret storage. The great thing about this is that is reusable. You just put that box back together, such a neat idea. I recommend this over the regular birthday card.

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You can order your own on Amazon.

I was sent this product at no cost to review for my honest opinion.

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