#NaBloPoMo: I’m No Mrs. Fix It or Mom the Builder


What was the last thing you fixed or built?

NaBloPoMo November 2015 time
Mrs. Fix it to the rescue! I think NOT. These #NaBloPoMo prompts are driving me insane. I thought that having a prompt would be make it easier to blog every day, but honestly it is only making me think. (Queues laugh). I mean seriously, the last thing I fixed or built? I have no idea. Does building a castle or truck out of Mega Bloks count for anything?  Sorry I am not a fixer or a builder. I have unclogged the toilet a time or two, but I am definitely not Mom the Builder.

I remember back in college I put together a $99.00 5-piece table and chair set. Instead of paying the extra $35.00 in-store set-up and additional $50.00 home delivery charge, I put it together myself.  What can I say I was a poor, struggling college gal. Well, the result was, it look exactly like what was on the box, it held up well for a few months, the problem was that I don’t have much strength therefore all my screws were loose. The chairs ended up bending in half over time and coming apart.  It was a project too big for these little hands.

Now I just call Mr.T (hubby) to the rescue. He fixes what needs to get fixed, and builds all the baby gear, Christmas, and birthday toys. I can imagine he is a bit tired of putting together furniture, so any major pieces will get in-store set-up.  So unless it’s fixing dinner, or building block, this girl right here can’t remember the last time she had to fix anything.  I’m not ashamed or embarrassed, to fix or build was just not in the cards for me and I am perfectly okay with that.

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