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I try to bring my readers the best products and most unique finds around. Well, I visited the booth of TheER Factor (er) is in her earlier last week while at the APHA (American Public Health Association) Conference in Chicago. This company is great, the designer and owner was awesome to speak with. The philosophy behind her company is so inspiring and everything that women should strive to achieve at least from my perspective.

er isinher

The er is in her is simple, the (er) is in her the er means to find your (er) inside of you as a woman. (er) isinher is a unique concept that helps bring a personal message of empowerment to help women find their inner happiness.

Since I am on a journey to positivity this was an intriguing concept and I thought her products were awesome. This past year has been a year of growth of change. I’ve gotten married, had a new baby, started a new career, embarked on a new business, purchased a new home and found a woman I never knew existed within myself. With all those things, I’ve searched for the right amount of “me” time. Finding your inner happiness can be challenging and I think the concept behind (er)isinher hit is right on the nail. As we grow as a woman embrace changes, challenges, and callings. We must remember to remain: 

happi(er), healthi(er), empow(er)ed, strong(er), wis(er)

The owner (artist) says that, “Every woman has the ability to achieve the  (er) she desires, and for every woman to realize that what she desires is inside waiting to be nurtured”! That’s what so many of us seek.

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er isinher
Beth the owner, is a motivational speaker she challenges women to find our inner happiness. Her products are beautiful and when given a chance I will support a business that speaks positivity into existence.

I rocked my T-shirt at work on Friday and I loved it. The material is very soft and comfy. Beth did suggest I go up a size, which I did and it fit perfectly.

er isinher t-shirt

For more of her products check out (er)

Let me know what you think.

Rainbows and Butterflies,


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