One Way To Keeps Kids Safe- We Don’t Do Sleepovers

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Sleepovers are nothing new. They’ve been around since before I was born. All kids want to go to them, because it’s supposed to be fun and exciting. I remember begging my mother to attend at least five different sleepovers and each time I was a met with a big fat NO.

Recently my daughter was invited to a sleepover at a hotel for her schoolmate’s 11th birthday party.  I knew the moment I saw the invitation the answer would be “sorry, you can’t go”. My daughter is very aware of the rule that she can’t spend the night at friends houses, but because it was at hotel, to a twelve year old this required a different conversation. For me as a parent it is a flat “no” regardless.

My daughter is not allowed to spend the night outside our home. I explain here in my article “Why I Don’t Allow My Children to Go to Sleepovers” on She Knows Experts


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