My Babies Are My Everything!


I have heard that you should never live solely for your children.  I think this statement is jaded by people that have never had children. The advice I’ve heard is to not let life pass you by while raising your children.  In my opinion, if you are “living” in each moment you won’t.

I’m a Mama and have been since the moment I knew I was pregnant with my daughter. My friends at the time were not parents and many were finishing college and starting careers. I was doing the same, only now I had a little one to bring along with me. From the very beginning, my life changed. I knew the type of life I wanted to build for us and I knew the goals I wanted for myself. I had plans and they didn’t include much of what my friends (at the time) were doing. So I lost a lot of people along the way.

I took my daughter EVERYWHERE with me. If it wasn’t a kid friendly event and my mom couldn’t babysit for us chances were, I wasn’t going. She and I became so close, like peas in a pod. She needed me as much as I needed her.

While people around me were partying and buying fancy cars, I was working on establishing better credit and learning about school districts. Parenting was one of those things that came naturally to me. It’s interesting because prior to motherhood, I’d never imaged myself with a child. I’d always see myself as a single gal living in New York working on marketing campaigns or some hotshot pediatrician driving the latest sports car.

I knew eventually I wanted to get a second degree and thought it would be best to pursue that while she was still small. I also knew she wanted a sibling, but I wanted to devote all my time to her and my career goal to that would have to wait.

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I pushed on for years doing the things I wanted to do and always putting her first. Making sure she got the best education possible, devoting my spare time to her activities, but ensuring  I had time to study. I wrote a plan for us both. She is my motivation, inspiration, and sacrifice. A sacrifice for greatness. Motherhood has been one of the best aspects of my life.

When the timing was just right we decided to have her little brother. His birth has shined and inspired a different direction to my life.  Now I’m writing a new plan, a playbook so to speak. The game is a little different now. I’m older, more settled, everything isn’t so urgent. My daughter’s goals are more focused.

my babies are my world 2014
My babies: Jasmine 11 yrs, Carter 1 week 9/27/14

She is more vocal on her future career path and mommy hears that, so I tailor our lifestyle to meet everyone’s needs including my own. Before my children I was a good woman becoming great. Since having my children I’ve become an awesome woman.  I have learned in the past few years if I’m not happy, my entire household is unhappy. I have to take care of my needs to be strong for my husband and our children.

My babies have never stopped me from living and I think that is a misconception that some people have about parenting.

Parenting is a challenge that comes with no directions, no rules, no rewards, no thank you, and no apologies. Share on X

Take each moment as a day to learn something new, travel your city if you don’t have a lot of money. Cook a new dish if you can’t always dine out. Create a family movie if you can’t go to the theater. Life is about making memories.

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I say wholeheartedly my babies are my everything. I embrace being a mother and when I have my life to look back at, I will have no regrets. The things that make me happy are taking care of each one of them. I will have accomplished my aspirations with my babies by side. If this is wrong, then I will just live in my upside down world because from this angle it feels beautiful!

my babies are my every thing

If this is wrong, then I will just live in my upside down world because from this angle it feels beautiful!

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