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Starting A Budget Budgeting is essential part of being a grown-up, there I said it If you want to live a comfortable life and achieve your financial goals, you are going to have to establish and maintain a household budget. Regardless of whether you make six figures or have a one person’s income to manage, …

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what healthy living means to me
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What Healthy Living Means To Me | Finding Balance

Healthy living is more than just about maintaining a healthy weight. Living a healthy lifestyle is of the following: Good Nutrition Mental Wellness Maintaining Healthy Relationships Healthy Sleeping Patterns Proper Hygiene Balancing a proper work and home life Properly coping with stress Healthy parenting As a public health educator, I want to keep my readers …

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Hello World!

Welcome to my world. Finally after a long break I am back online in my comfort zone and writing full force. You can find me here with my cup of coffee and keyboard. It has been an unbelievably long and much needed break. For those that followed me since the beginning, I’ve gotten married, switched …

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