Make Cotton Candy At Home With Your Own Cotton Candy Express Machine #CottonCandyGifts #Ad

You can make candy whenever you want for birthday parties, reunions, backyard bbq, picnics, sleepovers, or just for fun. The machine is so fun use, easy to clean, and comes with everything you need. Includes: three 11-ounce jars of ready-to-use cotton candy floss sugar, 50 durable paper cotton candy cones.

Fun Times With Hawaiian Shaved Ice Home Pro Shaver #HSIHoliday #ad

Image if you could make create delicious cool ice treats at home like snow cones, shaved iced cups, snowballs for the kids and fun pina colada for adults. Well, Hawaiian Shaved Ice Home Pro Shaver makes it possible to have your own tasty cold treat whenever you want.

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