Fun Times With Hawaiian Shaved Ice Home Pro Shaver #HSIHoliday #ad


I received this product from @apogeeagency at no charge to review and provide my honest opinion.  

Image if you could make create delicious cool ice treats at home like snow cones, shaved iced cups, snowballs for the kids and fun pina colada for adults. Well, Hawaiian Shaved Ice Home Pro Shaver makes it possible to have your own tasty cold treat whenever you want. 

If you are looking for the perfect gift, the Home Pro Shaver Shaved Ice Machine is a great gift to add to your gift giving list.   

America’s Favorite Shaved Ice Pack includes everything you need to make shaved ice at home. It comes with the Home Pro Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine 3 popular flavored syrups, 5 ice molds with lids, and 3 bottle pourers. 

Top Highlights of Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine 

  1. It is easy to set-up and use. You simply freeze water in the included ice mold, add the ice to the machine, shave the ice and add your flavor. (Instructions included)
  2. There is are so many different flavors to choose from including green apple.  
  3. You can mix flavors and get creative to have a low calorie desert at home whenever you want.
  4. The machine is easy to cleanup because there is nothing but water to wipe away.
  5. Your ice molds are reusable and you can purchase more and other accessories

I encourage you to take your time and visit the Hawaiian Shaved Ice website to check out their products and pick up somethings special for someone one your list or your own household.

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