I’m Thinking Christmas Decor: Crab Pot Christmas Trees


If you know me personally, you know that I love the holidays, especially Christmas. I love cooking, shopping, and of course decorating. This year will be a little different since we have our house. It will be such a treat to decorate our new home for our first Christmas as a married couple! When I first saw these I knew I had to have one and I know the perfect place to put it.

Crab pot Christmas trees in Davis, NC
Crab pot Christmas trees in Davis, NC

Crab Pot Christmas Trees are remarkable, perfectly shaped trees that are pre-lit, fold flat for storage, sparkle from EVERY angle and are easily set up. What makes these holiday trees so unique and the MUST HAVE of the season for home decor? Crab Pot Christmas Trees are made from the very durable PVC Coated Crab Pot Wire which withstands all that Mother Nature throws at it. Want to see these fold flat Crab Pot Christmas Trees?

christmas crabtree

Check out the fold flat trees in this video, because seeing is believing and this is how you can make the season sparkle with ease.

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These are adorable and will brighten any home inside or out. If you get one or if you have one please share your experience in the comments below.

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