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The holidays are a great time year for our family. We are a small family of three with our own little family traditions. However, we are the go-to house for getting together so we host family dinners throughout the holiday season. I spend careful time planning gift-giving ideas, meals, creating cards, and new recipes, and finding different events to attend with the kids. With kids 11 years apart, I am shopping at two different ends of the store. 

The holidays can get quite chaotic in my household. I focus the season around the kids and others and we leave the New Year for ourselves. Content surrounding entertaining, recipes, gift ideas, staying connected with family and maintaining your mental health is what I like to create for my audience.

Creating the Holidays for the Family

This is a very busy time of the year for parents and families. Here on A Break 4 Mommy, I strive to provide parents with a hub of reliable resources and recommendations to make their lives less stressful. The Holidays should be fun, colorful, and filled with joy. Holiday shopping can get take a lot out of the best of us. Allow me to help parents find ideas for shopping.

The Preschooler

Holiday Influencer


2nd Grader love to play. As my 8th-year-old to starts back in the classroom after two years of being at home. I am working hard at home with educational games and fun experiences to keep him on track with schoolwork and being engaged with his community. This big guy loves the camera and sharing his new developmental milestones on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. For working/ busy parents, it can be hard to watch our little ones experience so many stages without us. Since I’m home full-time now my content is created around how I use tools to engage with my son on weekend activities, volunteer at his school and prep his lunches. The holidays are a great time to fill the wish list with great toys which can transition to learning through creation, he is interested in cooking, sciences, making videos, and music. Parents can easily use Christmas break as time to take kids on new adventures. I am planning a chance for Ice skating which can double as stocking stuffer if you are short on cash like myself.

The Teenager

JasmineK Holiday Influencer

The Teenage Princess, life with a teenager for the holidays is neither easy nor hard. They have just about everything so usually, they don’t know what they want. My daughter is a simple gal and she gives me good insight, she is the Pinterest queen and my crafty genius. She is also in need of something each year. Content surrounding room makeovers, crafts, PC gaming, books and volunteer opportunities during the holiday season will be shared in the teen category.

Holiday Services Offered

  • Sponsored Social Media Campaigns
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Sponsored Video
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Product Branding and Placement
  • Event hosting (travel fee may apply)
  • Freelance Writing

And More… Please email me at for rates and details.

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